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A Wolfenstein3D-like Old school Dungeon FPS
Submitted by ics_de (@ics_de) — 7 hours, 39 minutes before the deadline
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Talking points of your game
This is a Doom-Like Horror FPS. It's been a hard but amazing experience to create it.
Although it might have some bugs, I'm glad I managed to get the billboard working, which was the toughest part.

I've enjoyed a lot to participate here. By the way, it's my first game jam!


What Assets did you use?


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Really cool, the grainy overlay is nice.

Enemies could probably use a little bit of cooldown between hurting you though, sometimes they'd just drain my health instantly. :(


Thanks for the feedback. I'm afraid I couldn't improve the combat system :(

The game looks beautiful .. as a Doom Fan - had to play it


Thanks for playing!


I love the old doom aesthetics, but I think the field of vision is too small. By the time you see the enemies, they are already in your face. I get it's supposed to be hard, but it takes much more luck and memorization than skill to beat it.


I'll have that in mind!

Thanks for playing!


I love that the enemies aren't scary. It makes the fact that this game is actually pretty spooky very impressive.


Thank you! I wanted to add some dark sectists that would shoot magic spells at you and spiders wich would run towards you as fast as they could, but my experience with AI is really limited :(

Thanks for playing!


It's polished, visually, but mechanically it could use some retooling. You move so slowly and the damage piles on so fast from enemies that I had a hard time killing more than a single enemy at once without losing most of my health. Also, brighten it up a little bit and add an upper limit to how fast the gun can fire. I can barely see where I'm going!


I won't change the walking speed because I like it as it is.

About the enemy's damage: It's supposed to be a hard game, to frustrate the player, with permadeath, no medkits...

About the lighting: Yes, I agree it's maybe to dark, but I might not brighten it a lot, because to see the ghosts fading in from the darkness makes it spookier. 

I tried to make an ammo system, but as I didn't have enough time and it wasn't working properly, I removed it. And it included fire rate, reloading... 

And, about "how fast the gun can fire" it's a shotgun, so being able to shoot multiple times doesen't make a lot of sense.

However, thanks for the feedback!


A nice spooky shooter. Except for shotgun sound which si way too loud.


I know, sorry, my computer volume's is always at 12% and that's why everything is so loud. But I bet you at least got scared with the shotgun's shot xD

I thought I'll have to replace the speakers.


lol, sorry D:

It's ok :)


This is great! This freaks me the hell out honestly, especially spinning around to find a Ghost trailing me!


Thanks! I'm glad the game is doing so well!

Thanks for playing!


This actually feels very good to play (sounds, graphics and kinda heavy feeling controlls all compliment each other well). Good Job.

Developer (2 edits)

Thank you! I'm glad the "Game Feel" makes a difference!

Thanks for playing!


Brutal. (in a good way)

Those skeleton are OP.


It's supposed to be really hard, so yeah I wanted them to be OP xD

Thanks for playing! :)