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Updated the game to better reflect what it actually is. I'd love for it to be included, I want those numbers to go up for a good cause!


My wife is absolutely loving PtoP (a lot of rotoscoped cat antics), however it recently stopped working.

I managed to re-enable permission to install From Anywhere, and 'chmod' my way past 'This App can't be opened',  but now it opens and immediately closes when I double click it. 

I read that 32-bit apps aren't supported anymore, could that be the problem (don't know if PtoP is 32-bit)?

Does anyone have a fix for this? I want more cat cartoons.

Thanks in advance!

I was referring to it having a certain rhythm. In Heroes 2, when you're near e.g. a mine, you can hear a pickaxe or hammer rhythmically clanking. The sound was designed to match the rhythm of any overworld song that might be playing.

With your game here, it was a lucky coincidence, but I think it'd be worth experimenting with an intentionally rhythmic TD.

Well, I managed to beat the game by placing one portal on each soldier. Considering how squishy the skellingtons are, that was the only way I could find. Neat idea with a certain degree of Game Jam Jank.

And this is probably a lucky accident, but: The sounds of the skeletons walking, the gunfire and the skellies dying actually had a really nice rhythm to it. It reminded me a lot of the sound design in Heroes of Might & Magic 2, where the environmental SFX matched the music in a very satisfying way. If you're going to make another reverse TD in the future, maybe you can try and have the attackers and defenders match the music. It would make for really engrossing gamefeel, I think.

Okay. Hm. I'm completely new to MV (more of a VXer). The only info on this problem I can find is that a file may be missing or corrupted. You might have to download it again. If anyone else tried the game, I'd appreciate any feedback on this. In the meantime, since you're using Windows, you can try out the original version of Downhill, it's not that different.

It took me a few rounds to understand the combo-mechanic but once I did, I really enjoyed it. I played through all the levels a couple times to beat my highscore. Also the archer on the rope is adorable. I'll make sure to be there when you add more levels.

Love the artwork and wouldn't mind seeing Oscar return in a more fleshed out game (I already like the little guy). I'm picturing it as some kind of reverse Chibi Robo. You make a mess of the house and instead of making people happy and helping them resolve personal and interpersonal conflicts, you just kinda make everything worse. It could get very dark very fast on an emotional level, which is... fun.

I love that the enemies aren't scary. It makes the fact that this game is actually pretty spooky very impressive.

Oh! Sorry about that. It does work on my end. Did you make sure to extract the files first? I had trouble running the .zip file directly, so I renamed index to Play Downhill to let people know where to click. Are you getting an error message, or just a black screen? What operating system and browser are you using? I hope I can fix this.

I really like the atmosphere you managed to create in such a short time. I especially enjoy the way the train is rattling along the rails.

It may have been better to not directly explain to the player what the game was about and instead use more of the (surprisingly effective) drawings to push players towards figuring it out themselves.

Either way, very creepy, very enjoyable!

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Oh, I can see that being a problem on higher resolution/larger displays. The aspect ratio and windowed mode are intentional, but I will upload a new version with resizable window when I get a chance (Updated file is now available)

I'm really impressed with the level of polish and retro-charm here. You could hide this game in an old arcade machine and no one would ever know the difference.

You feed mushrooms to the mulcher to make mushrooms grow faster and you feed mushrooms to the BubbLemming to make him heavier. When you pet him, the fun goes up, but he gets excited and produces more helium. When he hits a spike, he gets hurt and loses a lot of helium. I definitely should have made that clearer. Thanks for the feedback!

Ooooooh noooo! Thanks for pointing that out, I messed up. If you would still like to try it, I uploaded the game here

I am profoundly confused and amused at the same time. Really cool premise!

My little Cthulhu can't be this cute! Really neat idea and surprisingly adorable.

Really cool idea and awesome execution. I personally found it unsettling to the point of having to stop after a few minutes, but that's just because I always assume the worst when a game tells me it has loud noises in it.

If you get some art, add some music and some satisfying ultra-violent feedback on the kills you'll have an awesome little tactics/puzzler there. (I'd also prefer if I didn't have to start from level 1 every time, but oh well)

Very enjoyable! I'm impressed a game consisting of nothing but boxes has that much personality. I do feel there should be more of an incentive to go fast ("Rush", if you will). Maybe a score multiplier or something? Slowly moving through the later levels is super tense and fun, but the early levels can get a bit uninteresting once you have a few upgrades.

I love the oppressive atmosphere, the minimalist, effective writing and the rather unique puzzle(s). Every time I thought I had figured this game out there was something new, culminating in what is the most logical ending for a project like this. It was quite the experience. Good luck with your endeavours! On to the next thing!

Wally is adorable! I really enjoyed the 4th wall (oooooh, I get it now) breaking puzzles in this one and I'm super glad it did not suddenly turn into a horror game (it's not going to turn into a horror game, is it?)
I'm really looking forward to seeing what else you'll come up with for the full game!

Also, I couldn't resist creating a short clip of Wally listening to some music from my FFS Jam entry...

Lovin' the pixel art! It took me a second to understand what was happening, but once I knew what I was doing, I had a couple HAHAAA! KILL THEM ALL, MY LOYAL BOAR SUBJECTS! - moments, so you definitely nailed that.

The game didn't quite fit my screen, I think (I could only see the very front of my ship), so most of the time I had no idea where I was going, but man, the combination of music, artstyle and the general sense of going really fast was absolutely top-notch!

Thanks for the kind words! There are a couple of little secrets here and there, little bits of extra dialogue when returning to certain places at certain times, but the file size is mostly due to poor optimisation on my part. Haha...ha.