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Thanks for the feedback, everybody. Was a nice exercise to see if I could actually make it. I might work on finishing it and adding some other variations of the puzzle, haven't had much time lately, tho.

Such a nice concept and a cute execution. I love it!

Great, I'll be following you to be sure that I get the latest updates.

When I played I only noticed two things: The wall tile texture glitching and one of the Jasons went straight through the floor once. I think both are kinda Unity's fault. It's collision detection is a little weird sometimes and it doesn't compress sprite images very well, but you can find plenty tutorials on how to solve both these issues realy easily as they are very common. Also, Racoon stealth platformer sounds dope. Play Sly Cooper if you haven't already, it's pretty cool.

Congratulations on your first game. Pretty adorable spritework and song. Now that you have something done, you can always improve on it by adding mechanics and fixing the glitches.

It's ok. Mine also had a ton of bugs that I only noticed in the last 30 minutes. Turned my code into a horrible mess trying to fix them in time. 

Yeah, I loved the guy's design. BTW,  his name is Bowie and he actually has no Idea how he ended up there.

It's a pretty funny in a "so bad it's good" kinda way. I second that it's too easy, but yeah, shame you didn't have the time to finish it.

I love the old doom aesthetics, but I think the field of vision is too small. By the time you see the enemies, they are already in your face. I get it's supposed to be hard, but it takes much more luck and memorization than skill to beat it.

Really fun idea, it's a shame you didn't have enough time to finish it. Will definetly be checking the main page later for updates.

Hey, congratulations on your first game. My first game was also for a gamejam. The core mechanic is pretty simple and you add a nice little twist, wich is cool. There's a lot of feedback on your game's main page, and I think is really worth it to listen to it and polish your game before moving on to the next project.

The most accurate dating sim I've ever played. Would fart while eating again.

That was really spooky. The bizarre atmosphere is quite overwhelming at times, but I like how it doesn't take itself too seriously.

The combination of themes and mechanics is really good and the atmosphere is on point. Also, the ps1-like graphics felt very nostalgic. I think it would be better if I could aim and shoot with the mouse. Also the projectiles are very tiny and it's hard to understand their range.

Interesting Idea, but it would be nice some indication of where enemies are/could be. 

That was... strange. I just can't even.

Neat little sneak'em up with interesting Ideas. I encountered some bugs, though. Mainly, sometimes when I'm supposed to die, the game just freezes and nothing happens.

The idea is pretty neat and I love the use of the theme, but I don't think I get how to play it. Maybe adding some clearer descriptions and distinguishable features on each NPC would make it easier to understand.

I like the main mechanic and the atmosphere, but it's really easy to get lost and the main character moves far too slowly. With a little more polish, I think it's got a lot of potential. 

Pretty straightforward and fun shmup. The overall theme and artwork are really funny, but I have no idea what the upgrades do.

Really cool Idea and execution. I struggled with the controls a bit, but everything seems to work just fine. With a little more content this could become a really good mobile game.

Really neat game and very interesting concept. Has some really tense moments, too. I'm not a fan of aiming mellee attacks with the mouse, though, but I see a lot of potential. Pretty good job.

Yeah, it runs, but my card only supports directx9 so the visual effects won't even render. Thanks for the reply, though.

Technically, it's actually pretty impressive, but the lack of content is pretty underwhelming. Would definetly play a completed version, though

A really cute and fun little arcade game. I really like the little details, like the gacha capsules and the balloon's particles. I agree with Potatomancer on the helicopters. Maybe adding a little more wiggle room for your claw would make it better? 

Yeah, that was actually intentional. It's supposed to be more of a puzzle game, as you try to clear it with as few arrows as possible. Unfortunately, by the time I was finished with the core mechanics, I didn't have enough time to flesh it out.

Really like the idea, although it took me a while to figure it out. I share your opinion on that battle setup and really like what you did with it. Would love to see it incorporated in a fully featured game.

Wow. Just Wow. As someone who've struggled with similar problems, this hits pretty close to home for some reason. Maybe I just like to overthink things, but I think I kinda get it? Pretty depressing ending, though.

The bugs. They never stop. Ever.

It reminds me of clock tower for the SNES. Never managed to finish that game because I was scared shitless. This one  feels really similar, but is also very short, so I managed to finish lol. Great work indeed.

Real thanks, man.  I'll try and update it as soon as rating is finished.  I already have a version with audio. More levels and mechanics are also sure to follow.

Took me a few tries to understand what was going on, but once it started to kick in, it got really fun. Also the amount of polish is really amazing. Pretty good job overall. Would really like to play a finished version.

Can't fairly judge this one since my Graphics card is a potato and it can't handle the effects properly, but it seems really cool.

This is the first one that legimately scared me. I had no Idea what was going on the entire time, but I really wanted those skelletons to stop.

That was legimately funny. Good job! The only complaint I have is that it is so short. I really wanted to play more.

I love this kind of game where the challenge lies in mastering the controls themselves. I also like how creative you got with the theme, going for a spooky atmosphere. The only issue I had is that I think there should be a way of swinging while hooked on a tile. It would make movement feel more intuitive and precise.

Pretty neat idea, kinda reminds me of Please, Don't Touch Anything. Would love to see more of it.

Hey, man. Keep up the good work. The game is really impressive, although it really could use some sound.a

Really funny game and good use of the RPG Maker funcionalities. Didn't get to play it to the end yet, but really enjoyed it so far.

Pretty great concept and nice quirky controls. Just flipping buttons around is a joy. I just struggled with the small resolutions and I found the ghost controls kinda erratic. With bugfixes and a bigger resolution, it could be a great time-killer.