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Lonely Lasagna Games

A member registered Sep 06, 2015 · View creator page →


Recent community posts

Hey, man. Keep up the good work. The game is really impressive, although it really could use some sound.a

Really funny game and good use of the RPG Maker funcionalities. Didn't get to play it to the end yet, but really enjoyed it so far.

Pretty great concept and nice quirky controls. Just flipping buttons around is a joy. I just struggled with the small resolutions and I found the ghost controls kinda erratic. With bugfixes and a bigger resolution, it could be a great time-killer.

Solid platforming and really great visuals. I agree with Sunrock that the playable character moved way too fast. overall it's a nice game and It would be really good with some more polishing.

Really impressive stuff for a 72 hour jam. I'll definetly loose some hours on it. I did notice that it got really hard all of a sudden on wave 6, but it's probably me sucking at the game. I'll try it out on easy difficulty later.

Really fun game, drag racing on NFS: Underground was one of my favorite parts. Really want a version with sound to triple the awesomeness. My only complaint is that the result of the match is too reliant on the first gear shift. If you somehow screw that up, there's no reason to keep playing.

This is much more fun than it has any right to be xD. The best part for me is actually losing. It always cracks me up. Just missed some form of progress indicator, like a score system or something.

Pretty nice and well thought game. I see you have some skill with level design. I just wish the arrows were a bit faster, though. It gets really hard to know here it's going to be in wider levels.

Thanks, man. I had some sound effects already made for that, and a confetti particle animation, but ran out of time due to technical difficulties. Thanks for the feedback.