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Hey thank you so much!! It was awesome watching your video and seeing your playstyle evolve to the way we hoped people would play it! 

PS: The more monsters there are alive, the higher the noise meter gets, so keeping rooms on let's them keep spawning!

Yes it totally is! We've been thinking about how we're going to improve the minimap in the top right to be more useful, which will be up after the jam is done.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks so much!! We're hoping to put a little more polish and gameplay in and put it up after the jam.

We loved making this and hopefully we'll be able to put in all the bits we wanted to but didn't have time.

Thanks for playing and especially for the feedback! We realized towards the end that we had forgotten to really explain the noise system in game, but it's something we're working on and are going to put after the voting is over

Thank you so much!
We loved making this and hope we'll be able to do the jam again next time

This was terrifying, and super engrossing!

This is great! This freaks me the hell out honestly, especially spinning around to find a Ghost trailing me!