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Josh Perry

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I'd play a fuller version of this!

I ran into a few bugs that just softlocked the game and I had to restart it to play again. But I did want to restart to keep playing so

Really cool, the grainy overlay is nice.

Enemies could probably use a little bit of cooldown between hurting you though, sometimes they'd just drain my health instantly. :(

Got stuck even though I'm pretty sure I see the problem. Great concept though!

Super cool, would've benefited hugely from a couple more satisfying sounds from landing hits and big combos.

Pretty neat, I couldn't tell what some of the sprites were supposed to be though!

Pro-tip for anyone who didn't figure this out: the arrow keys work as well as the ZQSD controls!

I couldn't figure out what to do after getting the teddy from the bath. Was that the end?

The music scared the hell out of me. 5/5

Also I really like Ghost Trick so you should finish this for my own enjoyment

I like how you can still throw stuff from off-screen during the ending