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Darren Grey

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Game won't run on Windows - says it's missing libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll

That's great, thanks!

Can you confirm what you have changed since the end of the 7DRL jam? We're currently going through a process of rating all successful 7DRLs, and it's hard to fairly compare those finished within the 168 hours and those worked on after. If we knew what had been changed (or if there was a 7DRL build) that would help.

168 hours from whenever you started.

Only successes get reviewed. You should consider if what you have is playable enough to mark complete for the purposes of reviewing.

Only people with juror access can rate games. You can request to become a juror, but since the rating process is currently wrapping up there won't be much point. Expect to see scores published in the coming days!

It's generally nice to have the 7drl version available as a download, at least during the review period (the next few weeks). The other thing is to update the live thing and keep a clear record of what's been changed visible.

Yeah, I'm on Discord - grey#6165. You can also e-mail me - darrenjohngrey on hotmail.

Hey, I'm making a cyberpunk/hacker/tron style game where you manipulate time to attack minions of the evil Church of the Holy C. Interested in doing some music for that? Would need electronica style background music, maybe something a bit orchestral for the final boss (the space pope).

You finished within the 7DRL period but didn't submit?

Bugfixes are encouraged. If you want to make extensive updates then I you may wish to have the 7DRL version preserved as a separate download (not ideal for a html5 game, but still doable).

You going to keep working on it? Would be great to see a fixed up post-7DRL version.

You should categorise this as a game rather than a mod. "Mod" normally implies a modification of an existing game, often only lightly changing things. What you've made is a T-Engine "module", which is simply a game making use of T-Engine code. You're underselling your work by calling it a mod!

Some people didn't realise they had to make an page to submit and have missed the deadline. I've extended the deadline by one day to let people get their projects listed. If you have problems submitting please contact me directly.

Yes, if you made two :)