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embedding game/tool on my site

A topic by xArcausx created Jan 30, 2018 Views: 450 Replies: 7
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is there a way to keep the user on my site when they start an embedded game? i'd even create a paid membership area to access the plethora of games and share the rev with the game creators in there, i just need to keep the user there

you mean html games hosted on itch?

also: I want in :P


I'm not sure what you mean exactly, could you tell me more?

well i embed several games from other sites and when i give em a test run, it doesnt hyper link me off my site to another, so the user is able to stay on my site while playing, theyre not forced into another window or tab..  for example, go here and click on "doge miner" it lets you play but you can stay where ya are

i guess when i say several i mean in the process of as most of it is still drafted.

i figured it out. i'll just use iFrame  :) works well

nope, i jumped the gun  there, i frame did not work


The link you gave doesn't work. If you have an HTML game that you'd like to embed on another site then you can use our game embedding tool:

Otherwise we offer a widget embed:

We do not allow inserting any of our other pages into iframes since it can be a security risk.