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Distribute or sell your any game anywhere with's customizable widget

Put your game anywhere

The widget is a small snippet of HTML code you can paste to let people download or buy your game from anywhere. Our widget builder from the creator dashboard will let you quickly assemble all the code required.

All the power of's store in a little box

All the functionality of an store page is accessible within the widget: pay-what-you-want, sales, pre-orders, tiered goods, donations, Steam keys, and sales just to name a few. Buyers can add tips and pay with any of our payment providers.

Completely customizable

Don't slap that ugly gray box provided by other widget providers on your beautifully designed landing page. The widget lets you customize colors and shape to fit into your existing page.

The widget is responsive so you don't have to stress about adapting your page for the widget, just change the dimensions of the iframe and you're good to go.

The interactive widget builder will let you test out color schemes and sizing options without having to touch any code. You can re-use the same colors you've already used on your main project's page.

Very well priced

It's completely free. With's Open Revenue Sharing, the cut with us is optional. How's that for a good deal. hosts all your game's files and lets you control access, whether it's a paid game, free download, or browser based game.

Not flexible enough? Use our API

Our JavaScript API lets you create a fully custom buy button. All that's required is a call to our API to send your customer to our checkout page. Our game API lets you query information about your game as well, so you can keep things like price & promotions always synchronized to your page.

Create a widget

or Learn more about the API