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Mastodon links in profiles?

A topic by braindouche created Jan 27, 2018 Views: 140 Replies: 3
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We have links to twitter profiles, which is awesome and seems to be the social network of choice for the game dev community, but altgame creators have a pretty sizable community of Mastodon, too. Can we get a field to add that as well?


Thanks for the suggestion. I think the best way right now is to add it to the text of your profile until we add a generic system for adding links to your profile (similar to how game links work).


Yeah a Masto / Fediverse link given the same treatment as the Twitter one would be very much appreciated.

Really feels like itch prioritises gross companies like Facebook / Twitter / Discord at the moment, which really feels at odds with a lot of the people into the website ;-)

I know at least one of the itch devs is a Masto user!


Lots of us are. It's just not so easy for us to find each other out there. Which is another reason to do this.