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RE point 2: there's documentation at

I would also love to have this available as a broad category on the /games page.

Yeah a Masto / Fediverse link given the same treatment as the Twitter one would be very much appreciated.

Really feels like itch prioritises gross companies like Facebook / Twitter / Discord at the moment, which really feels at odds with a lot of the people into the website ;-)

I know at least one of the itch devs is a Masto user!

Wooo. If you need anyone to help test a Linux version feel free to ask :)

Yeah. I can imagine that side of the place. The name Depreston is what made me suspect it was about this particular Preston :0

This is exceptionally beautiful and I want to float round in it for ever.

Thank you!

I used to live in Preston. It's pretty nice and lively actually. A big market there. Good restaurants :3

Really like the way the game kinda pulls apart / disintegrates.

Excuse me it's me the Beach Boy this infringes my copyrights.

(thanks for making a Linux version)



Nice game!

Works just fine on Arch Linux, including XBox 360 controller.

If you end up doing another build I would definitely appreciate being able to disable the bloom. It makes it very hard for my eyes to focus on things.


Yeah, I think those three look really nice, and I'm quite proud of that.

Good job finding WATER TEMPLE. I wonder if it still holds more secrets...

Good luck! Sounds like a really cool thing to do with your family!

If you're using Github and want someone to test and post issues let me know :3

MS Paint Game Jam community · Created a new topic Whoops.

I think my game won't hit two criteria:

  • Fun 
  • Gameplay


Great! Thanks Amos.

Hi itch!

Any chance that we could get a feature where programs installed via the app get added to the application menu, would save me a lot of trouble adding and removing .desktop files whenever I change my itch library : )

This opens the minor problem of game icons, I guess. I think a default itch one would be fine, but the ability to upload our own eventually would be nice too : )

Hey, nice mobike feel. You can knock the size of the download down a large chunk by deleting the .PDB files from the main folder.

oh my god i am so here for the pompom physics

I like the sound of that!

I am going to make something from this film (and still kinda wann do something little for Heaven Can Wait).

At the mo' I am thinking:

  • Memories of Sicily
  • Stills and little animations of things I remember from Sicily
  • Made with whatever fits best, differing for each thing
  • Text overlaid

Already brainstormed a bunch of memories and matching materials.


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nuuuuuuuuuuuuuup all I get is a screen of bricks.

Oh, I get this for every link. Maybe it's a Firefox thing, or I just don't get something.