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So wet and gleemy


I love this...little snatches of a recurring dream...

Thank you for all your nice comments. This one caused me to play Touch Love again, and I had a good time.

I still think about this guy some times.


In Firefox you can right-click on the game, select 'This Frame', then click 'Save Frame As...'

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Using JS to generate the tones is great, and fits Bipsi real well.

I had to download your game and have a peak inside, I was very curious how you'd done it.

edit: Oh, and I was going to say: lovely use of a real small set of tiles, too. I was surprised how few there were.

Thanks! Yep, should be done some time this week.

Thank you!

Hey, just wanted to tell you that the link to in the blurb on is busted.

It points to 'http://Zonelets' instead of ''.

This is great! Also the background image on this page is great too.

Hi, thanks for this amazing tool! Any chance of the Linux version catching up to the Windows and Mac ones when 1.26 is released properly? It's two releases behind at the moment.

Glad this got in, I really like it :)

Kinda a shame there was never a decision made about this, otherwise I would've made something :(

WAR put up a list of places to donate money to and one of theme is bushfire related:

Very sure it's legit (but a valid convern!)! Neil Morris is pretty Googleable, and I got the link from a thing he wrote on IndigenousX:



In the event description you say that 'donations will be for Australia nationwide' (which is great), but then you list the NSW Rural Fire Service as one of the charities to receive money. Perhaps they could be replaced with something indigenous-specific like


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RE point 2: there's documentation at

I would also love to have this available as a broad category on the /games page.

Yeah a Masto / Fediverse link given the same treatment as the Twitter one would be very much appreciated.

Really feels like itch prioritises gross companies like Facebook / Twitter / Discord at the moment, which really feels at odds with a lot of the people into the website ;-)

I know at least one of the itch devs is a Masto user!

Wooo. If you need anyone to help test a Linux version feel free to ask :)

Yeah. I can imagine that side of the place. The name Depreston is what made me suspect it was about this particular Preston :0

This is exceptionally beautiful and I want to float round in it for ever.

Thank you!

I used to live in Preston. It's pretty nice and lively actually. A big market there. Good restaurants :3

Really like the way the game kinda pulls apart / disintegrates.

Excuse me it's me the Beach Boy this infringes my copyrights.

(thanks for making a Linux version)



Nice game!

Works just fine on Arch Linux, including XBox 360 controller.

If you end up doing another build I would definitely appreciate being able to disable the bloom. It makes it very hard for my eyes to focus on things.


Yeah, I think those three look really nice, and I'm quite proud of that.

Good job finding WATER TEMPLE. I wonder if it still holds more secrets...

Good luck! Sounds like a really cool thing to do with your family!

If you're using Github and want someone to test and post issues let me know :3

MS Paint Game Jam community · Created a new topic Whoops.

I think my game won't hit two criteria:

  • Fun 
  • Gameplay


Great! Thanks Amos.

Hi itch!

Any chance that we could get a feature where programs installed via the app get added to the application menu, would save me a lot of trouble adding and removing .desktop files whenever I change my itch library : )

This opens the minor problem of game icons, I guess. I think a default itch one would be fine, but the ability to upload our own eventually would be nice too : )

Hey, nice mobike feel. You can knock the size of the download down a large chunk by deleting the .PDB files from the main folder.

oh my god i am so here for the pompom physics

I like the sound of that!