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Linux feature request - add .desktop files for games

A topic by Blueberry Soft created Nov 05, 2016 Views: 276 Replies: 5
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Hi itch!

Any chance that we could get a feature where programs installed via the app get added to the application menu, would save me a lot of trouble adding and removing .desktop files whenever I change my itch library : )

This opens the minor problem of game icons, I guess. I think a default itch one would be fine, but the ability to upload our own eventually would be nice too : )


Yup, that's planned!

Hello Amos, has this feature been implemented? It would help making my itch games show up in gnome-games :)


It hasn't yet! Still on my radar, but I have to work on thing other than the app these weeks.

Okay, thanks for your reply!

Great! Thanks Amos.