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Does It Bug Anyone Else When People Make Multiple Pages For One Game?

A topic by WhiskerMidi created Jan 23, 2018 Views: 318 Replies: 5
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I've never understood why people would have more than one page for more than one version of a game. This site lets you upload multiple builds at once, right? And yet, I still see people post separate pages for the Android and Windows versions. Without naming names, one game I've seen has one whole page for every demo build of the game they have, and each of those pages are so barebones that they might as well have condensed them all into one concise page. 

Was there ever a point when Itch didn't let you have various builds? I know one guy who did it who simply didn't know about the feature.


I have some games where downloads go on the same page as the online version, and some where they're separated. E.g. because the downloadable version is in fact a different edition with too many changes, graphical and otherwise, and people could easily become confused as to what they're buying. I imagine other creators have their reasons too.

That makes sense, actually. When it comes to paid content, the more clarity the better.

My friend's game probably made sense to be split up, since the Android Version and the Windows version were two totally different experiences.


There generally should be no reason to make multiple pages, if you see it happening it's maybe because the person who made the pages wasn't aware they could have a single page. 

There are some practical reasons to having multiple pages, you can mange two different sets of owners. I don't think this is a common case though.

The only time we've made multiple pages for the same project is when we're running a test with a small group of people and don't want every owner of the game to have access to it (experimental features, new bugs, new platforms, etc.). But if we had branches here, there'd be no need to do that. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Ah yeah. Branches would be a pretty hella addition. It'd sure keep things a bit cleaner.