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A mystery and romance tale spanning through many eras. Watch as this world's tragedies and secrets are unveiled. · By roddio

Nerus 0.9 General Discussion Locked

A topic by roddio created Jan 06, 2022 Views: 1,092 Replies: 14
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Same deal as usual. Share theories, opinions, criticism, memes, thirsting. Just be reasonably respectful.


Finally the one key element missing from Nerus: oviposition.

Congratulations on the release, Roddo!





T-Thank you, everyone.

Do you think Minoh would like Disco Elysium? Asking for no reason in particular.


I've been recommending it to him for a while. I'll make sure he plays it, eventually.

Good. He can't fight a two-front war forever or dismiss it as "anime trash". 

Oh. And I'm supposed to say "Congratulations". 


Congrats! I like how the couples care for each other. The writing is very effective.

I want to share a song that comes to my mind when I rethink about the story over and over.

//儚くたゆたう 世界を 君の手で 守ったから
今はただ 翼をたたんで ゆっくり 眠りなさい
永遠の 安らぎに つつまれて love through all eternity

You defended this fragile and fleeting world with your hands
So please, fold your wings and rest
Sheltered by an eternal peace, love through all eternity/

Chúc mừng!

(I'm late as shit to the train but lmao better late than never XD. Awesome patch, though, I definitely enjoy seeing your brand of romance through Aloys again <3)

I have a theory about Pry and MC.

Although Pry says MC shut him out of the Storage Room of the Carcass, Pry is probably inside the time egg. Pry obviously knows how the time egg works and even chats with Nerus in the record. (Only Nerus and MC have conversations with Pry and only Nerus recognizes him being in a ‘story’ where Pry ‘should not exist’.) Pry doesn’t object when Nerus think he’s grudging, but he still offers fake records for Nerus to witness and says it’s heartbreaking when Nerus fails to recognise him. (Similarly, Pry acts like he hates MC and is likely to hurt MC, but I don’t think Pry would do that.)


After Obli met with the Demiurge (whose name is Samael), the Demiurge says Obli cannot be deceived anymore. Also, after reading the story of Aloys and Noch, Pry’s comments suggest that the story has changed (for example, Obli joining to witness their story). Pry does not seem surprised (also when Nerus responded to him in the prologue). Two possible explanations: one, this is a feature of a general time egg (or the specific one that MC is using); two, Pry is (producing and) expecting such emergence. I think the real function of the time egg is to hatch a soul, which may be possible because the egg says the Carcass stores the advanced soul technology. (The pattern on the egg looks like snake teeth.)


When MC is thinking about the couples, I am thinking about MC and Pry. When the shadow tells Alessia that Nerus has become something that he never intended to be, I guess if this would happen to Obli due to the aeon’s power (the light, the soul). Also, for the soul amnesia, Obli seems to forget something that Nomino knows and is important. I would take a wild guess that MC and Pry (also Nerus and Obli) are the reincarnation of a couple/pair or one thing being split into two halves.


When MC thinks about why he can’t find his records, he proposes that he just watched it but not recognised it. But I have a third argument that the room stores MC’s records but the thread is behind the current one. MC and we players use fleshy eyes to observe, but not Pry, voidborns, aeons, and the Carcass itself. Other possibilities include MC’s record in other storage room or MC’s record being deleted by Pry. (If I were MC, I would look for Pry’s record XD) But we don’t have enough info so I would leave it here.


All in all, the interaction between MC and Pry provides more clues. I hope MC will (be able to) explore the Carcass (and we can see the family cg soon).

Does this contain NSFW yet? Checked the sprite files, didn't find anything NSFW.

Is the NSFW text-only?

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Where do I even start omg ??? I have so many little theories and curiosities. Like, are Pyr and you/the mystery burned figure connected to Obli and Nerus ? If not, what is their connection, both to each other and to the rest of the story as a whole ? Are the two souls concept with (at least) Obli and Nerus a representation of the cut in half snake ? I played the game 13 hours beginning to current end so my brain is fried especially with the lack of choices as a kinetic novel but there's truly so much that confuses me, both about the characters and the circumstances. I'll probably (hopefully) be able to post less blurby stuff as my thoughts are gathered.

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