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I'm not keeping a set schedule anymore. Might be next week, might be next month.

That's right.

If you go to Google Translate and type in 'Jymsar,' set the language to English, Spanish or Italian, click the text-to-speech button and you'll hear it say it about right.

Reamus would probably say it like the French one.

The plan is to make an update every month. Last update was way off schedule.

So while I am aiming for monthly releases, I will fail to deliver sometimes.

The next one is going to be more of a housekeeping update though, at the end of August. Very unlikely to progress the story, as I want to focus on character graphics and reworking some assets.

Very fair points, thank you! I'll be making some changes in a v0.3.1 patch.

The apk is up to date, it's just I forgot to rename the file to reflect the actual version, so it still says 202 instead of 300.

It's fine!

I don't know Spanish. Sorry!

Oh noooo...

Don't get too hyped. This next update is going to be a little simpler. I've just been busy and dealing with some personal stuff that has kept me from working on Pervader.


Yeah, I really hoped people would like Reamus.

Thanks :)

Yep! Solo project.

Also, I am thankful to the creator of Minotaur Hotel for his help behind the scenes.

Ah I've figured it out!

This person has me blocked on twitter. I don't post anything on twitter other than artwork, so I imagine they have me on a blocklist for somebody I follow.

It's me!

There will be an update this month, hopefully next week.

I plan on having that option for one of the scenes, but nothing is set in stone yet.

You only have to download the latest version and load your last save. That's it!

Don't have a set date yet, but it's at least a week away.

Yes, mouths will be involved.

Not right now. Later down the line we'll get some intimate scenes.

Thank you! Very kind words.

Nope, you're completely right! That's an error. Thanks for pointing it out.

At the end of one of the future updates (probably v0.5.0) you will be able to pick your route, which will turn into a romance.

There won't be a lot of choices I'm afraid. Pervader is mostly a kinetic visual novel.

That's right. Hope you like either of them.

You only have to locate the .apk file you downloaded and then execute it to install it. If you downloaded it straight to your device, it should be located in your default download folder.

(1 edit)

We're going to explore a lot, spatially and character-wise, but there won't be a lot of choices I'm afraid. At least not ones that have any significant impact.

I plan on giving Reamus more options in how he reacts to events, to add a bit of flavor.

But I'm also cautious. I don't want to give players the impression that they have more control over the story than they really have.

For the most part, Pervader is like an illustrated book.

Pervader is going to be fairly linear, with only a few points where you can alter the narrative (picking your route, and some events near the end). I'm trying to add more flavorful choices in how Reamus reacts to things along the way, but I don't plan on adding anything that significantly alters the course of the story or modifies his character too much.

Just a heads up so you don't expect too much interactivity.


I have two-factor authentication enabled for my account. When I first logged on to the app a few weeks ago, everything worked out fine. Now when I try to log in it always tells me my code is wrong ("Invalid code"). I tried to log in several times. I tried to resync on the google authenticator, but that didn't fix it. I tried to uninstall the app and remove the itch folder from "appdata/roaming" and make a fresh install, but that also didn't work.

Thank you.

No. Are you having some issue loading the game?

3 hours from now~

There will be a discord link for everyone to join once v0.2.0 launches on June 5th (5 days).

Thanks. I think you can make interesting stories with lots of choices, but yeah it would be a lot tougher. I spent a lot of time ironing out the plot and realized that if I had to account for too many player choices, then things would quickly spiral out of control.

Not yet. That will happen much later in the story.

We won't see him for a while CANONICALLY

But we may get to see a little bit more of him for something special.

Programmer, me? Nawww... FYI Ren'Py isn't actually that complicated. It's pretty easy to get a project going if you have some ideas and assets. I started learning it about three weeks before launching Pervader. If you really want to be impressed with what you can program in Ren'Py I suggest you check out something like Killigan's Treasure or Minotaur Hotel.

The fact that I managed to work it out by myself should tell you it's easier than you imagine, and should inspire you and everyone else to work on your own projects.

As far the 3 part thing, you will see that there is more to the world of Pervader than what meets the eye. There's a lot I want to do in this space, but that will become more obvious in the future. I'm not going to spoil anything, but I can't wait to see your reactions to some of the stuff I have planned!

June 5th will be the next update

Stay tuned for next update, there will be a Discord link ready for everyone ;)

(1 edit)

There is only one chapter in all versions. The next chapter will be available next month.

Yes, but that is long way away.

Not really. Haven't even played FFXIII.

Some time after I started developing the world it dawned on me that Dragon Age had a similar mage/antimage dynamic, but I didn't seek to pull any inspiration from it.