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What kind of 2D asset packs would you like to see?

A topic by ShatteredReality created Dec 27, 2021 Views: 567 Replies: 22
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I'd like to make some assets but I'm not sure what people want.


theres an over saturation of items. the way to go seems to be custom sprites and parts for character generators 

thanks for the suggestion!


I really like seeing rpg monsters. Like monsters from the final fantasy series or dark fantasy monsters based off D&D. But environments are also good to see. I prefer pixel art. 

oh, god i'd love to see way more puzzle game asset packs made by people. let alone just ones in the style of tetris, which is a bit low in number for me to find so far.

I dunno, those seem really easy to make yourself. It's just blocks, right?


its the interface, and like the buttons and whatnot. that and theres tetris clones that have slight differences. i think it would just simply be helpful to have more of those assets out there by people

Ah alright I'll keep that in mind


i would be willing to make these for you


you really dont need to make them specially for me or anything, its moreso a suggestion. i appreciate it though


2d destructive buildings where player have space to go in a whole floor and some realistic 2d water

the 2d destructive could be done easily. for instance the mana seed collection has a town ruins pack and it matches up with the iconic town set. through eventing you could have it set up to work just like a bomb wall in a zelda game.  just do it for each section of the desired structure.

Deleted 330 days ago

bump! I'm still interested in answers to this

you taking request?


personally i need some steam punk type stuff. like character wise. clockwork  mechs and such

Top-down or side view?

A rice farmer that can fight, side view

With the asian rice hat, or conical hat

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Demand can be very variable. I am also an artist, I wonder what is wanted. However, this is something I cannot understand. So I've left it mostly to my imagination. When I understand this, I plan to work according to demand.



Hahaha That zombie's brain is dripping! I love it!

it was hard to do :D 

I've been seeing a lot of pixel art and illustrations of people and environments, but none with giant mechs (like Gundam units).

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