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I used wav files... O_O

also bc good graphics B)

I used my ambient particle system, added to the x scroll, made it become slower until it's at a moderate speed, then increase it when the text x position was past 700 or smth


Thanks! This was a pretty old game and is relatively hard..

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I used my particle system with decreasing alpha.

You could recreate it by adding data (list or dict) to a list of particles containing the image, alpha and position of the player. each frame you can iterate through the list, fill the image with the alpha and draw it at the position, then decrease the alpha. once the alpha == 0, you can remove it from the list.

that's for the ships. if you want to do motion blur just fill the screen that you're blitting onto the window with 150 alpha, then you can partially see the last frame assuming you didn't fill the window.

I use python 3.9, the "bad magic number" is an error that can only occur due the game being run on a later version. I'm assuming you downloaded the source? Since a magic number is a signature on a .pyc file and since my engine was converted to a .pyc file, it was sealed for only being able to run on 3.9... 

To simplify it... The source won't work on 3.10, only 3.9... If it's not the source, I do not know what the problem is.


Thanks a lot! :D

Nightmare for people with ADHD lol
Their attention span would be 2 seconds until they get distracted by baba

But wouldn't more controls be more difficult  to learn/play? I tried to keep the controls simple so that people wouldn't have to memorize everything. Also, about the hitboxes, what can I change?

I remember you followed the Agile posts on Reddit, thanks for the feedback! I know  Agile was incredibly hard, how far did you get?

Thanks for the feedback! I thought of speedrunning too, but the game is not well known enough to have its own speedrunning category... I know some parts of the game are hard, but I'm happy to hear that you had the determination to push through the difficult parts of the game! Thanks a lot! 

Yeah.. Sadly my engine is resource heavy, and only works if you have a good pc or you're on full power mode on a low end one. Thanks for the feedback! 

I love the storyline and the art! The game feels amazing and the controls are really creative! This game is unique and could blow up when it's done! I REALLY LOVE THIS GAME!

My brain go boom

Thanks so much for the feedback! In my game I'm currently working on, I might try to do window scaling... But the custom keys idk how to do... Thanks for trying my game though! I really appreciate it!

Really!? Thanks so much! At that time I didn't have a hover animation, (in my game I'm working on now it does though) but thanks for the compliments and for playing my game!!! 

Thanks for the feedback! Does the music stop entirely, or does it fade back in?
You can disable fade out/fade in for the sound in the options, it's called "dynamic sounds" 

Oh... I thought the website would show that.. 

I just finished my game Agile after 5 months of work! It's my first official game. It feels good to finally have it done! I hope you try it and enjoy it! It's completely free!

Are we allowed to use the grass file?
I tried it but it didn't work... Is it there another dependency apart from pygame?

With the asian rice hat, or conical hat

A rice farmer that can fight, side view

I just finished my game called Agile.. I want to see what I can do better next time. Here is the game, it's free!

The graphics are Dafluffypotato's level! The art is amazing, the effects are awesome... WELL DONE!

This is amazing! The lighting and the smooth texturing, even the fine detail on the leaves... The palette.. the inplaced bloom... Perfect.

Amazing Game!!!!


This game is polished and well made! It's made with pygame too! Finally a polished pygame game! Those are pretty rare!

Gud game I like

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yes very


Good game