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sweet. i'll be testing it out in wine for linux but in the future if possible, a linux version would be also very sweet. theres not enough applications like this with an actually fun ui, so its nice to come across something like it for once

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yo..can u port this to linux.. i miss playing this. im not a big wine user. if u need help i can give it in the process

mass murder

ah, i see. so executables with different names

I thought exes were only native to windows OS

I recently switched to Linux Mint, you have got to eventually port this to Linux. This tool is one of my favorite things ever, it's genuinely a good tool for making zines and comics.

I'd love to collaborate with you.. I'm working on a soundtrack for a ps1/dreamcast kind of game.. just haven't been open about it..  here's my soundcloud too

If you want to contact me anywhere, I use email and Matrix

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Hi, I am ultimately interested. I don't have the most diverse range of examples for what kind of music I can do at the moment as I have many demos in hand nearly finished. Here is my bandcamp though my soundcloud might be better at times in showing more of my range. Consider both though, for sure

I use a variety of daws, including oldschool music trackers (schismtracker, milkytracker, similar trackers to deflemask, ect). I also tend to use fl studio. Whole mishmash of everything really. I can even make my own soundfonts. FM synth is definitely within my area, along with the alike.

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*You can't contact me on discord, email only (please) + I only accept venmo payments at the moment

I gained the courage finally to be another individual to contribute to here with sharing my own music...... hi.. ways do in fact exist to describe my music. It can be a bit difficult though, as its nothing of typical. I'm not even exaggerating, I'm just saying it how it really is. It's like a mix of stuff really. Thats it.

Which means I'm open and able to make music of nearly any genre. My favorite areas to dwiddle in when making sounds are rnb and hiphop new jack swing bla bla bla rave music jungle dnb mashcore breakcore europop whatevah!!!!!!!!!!! I wanna specify that.

In honesty, I am looking to be able to be paid for doing any work but I'm undoubtedly open to unpaid too; like game jams and such.

So yeah, wanna contact me to get something goin? ➡

my bandcamp

ya!!!!!! here are a few

 i feel like when things are open sourced, systems like windows and mac arent familiar to what open source quite  literally means.  check who made these applications on the itchio page anyway, its hundredrabbits. i think its likely just a false positive

not even just the models? like the assets? i imagined the assets working through

this is.. so cool. is it open source? i want to port this to handheld or a literal nokia phone. i would most certainly remember to give credit to you for making said game though.

damn!!!! ...a RAT specifically?????????????

for undertale garfield this isnt bad at all

I love this. I want to add a lot more of my words for comment but first before anything else I want to let you know something though, you can definitely implement ruffle flash emulator into frankensteining sea quest back to life. You can then play it from that, ruffle.

I really appreciate the answer back, thank you!! I try to avoid using gmail or the alike to communicate anyway. ^_^

i love this wizard so much. i love your 3d models..

wait. im actually seriously intrigued by this. is it mainly for use of communication through email service source? im still learning all the different communication protocols, including jabber (xmpp) and similar (matrix, irc, ect)

someone needs to say something about this cuz i'm not a mac user and people might start freaking out from the post mention of a malware

its my friend

god thank you so much

really did not see this coming 

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10/10 ultimate necessary game knowledge and mindset manifesto

hey...hehehhe...h.... just wondering.. is the title of this game by any chance inspired by a vanessa williams song of the same exact name?

hehe i wanted to check this game out because my old dog was named bubba :^)

exactly thought of what andyman404 also said. that and i think itd be a funny cool little detail if there was an occasion somewhere through the game where you'll likely notice a small group of people who are just...there... watching you and no matter how close you try to move near them, they just keep backing out of your space so they don't get in your way.

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so much potential, excited. i should let you know though that on the desktop application, its not able to be downloaded for some reason?

oh i meant the first one!!!! yeah. i just have a thing where i often tend to want to make uis as customizable as i can at least with how i can change the color scheme of a ui. that and i think me trying to figure out how to do that with a singular exe file would be good practice for what ive been doing lately.


just wondering, out of it okay to make adjustments to the ui like create multiple ui skin options and plugins for this if i were to want to? (i do). of course i would credit back to you though.

yknow what yeah. i like that


its freaking me out a lil how i cant tell if is this a joke or not

you had me immediately at the choice of albums i saw

its not a game, its an application for making gameboy and gameboy color games

That's a good idea I think! I did that recently and it helped my mind expand a bit on how I want to do this games soundtrack. Thank you for the wishes of luck!! I think why not wish you the best of them too, whatever that may be!!!