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Found the Malware(Nukespeed)

A topic by ttydynamic created Jun 09, 2022 Views: 2,044 Replies: 14
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There's a malware? how harmful is it? would you still recommend downloading it?

I did my research and it is a RAT from north korea.

damn!!!! ...a RAT specifically?????????????




if you dont belive me, scan it on virus total :)

someone needs to say something about this cuz i'm not a mac user and people might start freaking out from the post mention of a malware


I'm sorry but, I don't understand. (your language, what 'the' Malware is about. Can OP --or someone-- elaborate?

I don't know about the specific one being mentioned here exactly, but if it's a RAT, it's pretty bad. A RAT, or Remote Access Trojan, is a way for someone to gain remote access to your computer via you downloading the software that's contaminated. It's like a one-way door into your PC. 

So this software is literally just a quiet piece of malware?? If so that sucks, thank god saw this before downloading


No, the software is open source. If you wish, you can compile the Uxn or Electron version yourself. This is most likely a false positive.


 i feel like when things are open sourced, systems like windows and mac arent familiar to what open source quite  literally means.  check who made these applications on the itchio page anyway, its hundredrabbits. i think its likely just a false positive

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A false positive then