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Private developper note on each game

A topic by Epsi created Jan 10, 2018 Views: 110 Replies: 3
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I'm new to and I find this website really useful and complete, it's easy to upload a game and we have a lot of tools to manage it.

However there is one tool I didn't find: when I upload my game, I didn't found any place where I could write comments about my game only visible for myself. At that moment I needed it because I get a bunch of oral feedback and I wanted to compile them on one place (on the the Analytics page or something like that).  That way, if one day I want to improve my game, I know where to find all the feedback I gather (well until now it's 2 feedback but still :p).
I know on other game in the past I needed a note page too (I uses trello) where I put idea of improvement or the next big development step. 

So! In summary I was wondering if there is that kind of page (a page where the creators of a game can put comments only viewable by themself) and, if that king of page doesn't exist, isn't it a good idea to add it ?

Have a great day o/ 


I think this is an interesting idea, but I think it might be too specific of a use case for It sounds like you're looking for a note-taking application. I know there are plenty of them out there that probably do a much better than we would have the time to implement. Do you think there's something about that would make it a good candidate for something like this?


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You could create an archived reward and write stuff in the description. Maybe not  very elegant but it works.

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The main reason for me to put it on is to keep every thing that is about the relation between the game and the public in the same place: this website.

It's true writting player feedback is quite specific but personnaly I also always have notes about idea on what to improve, bug I found or stuff like that. Maybe it's only me, if other people don't need personnal notes on their game I agree there is no need to add it :p