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Well, Game Jams are perfect for that ;)

I love the visuals, good job :-) The mouse-control feels a bit indirect but that makes it even more challenging :-D

Fun game, good job :-)

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Credits, a "How to play" and a scoring explanation can be found on the projects page.

Thanks for the feedback. The increasing orbit came as side effect after adding some easing to the ships movement. I decided to keep it as it would prevent permanent orbiting for unlimited points and added some difficulty I felt fit.


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Thanks, cool you enjoyed it

edit: regarding the pickups, the "good" items have a green outline while debris has a red outline

He, thanks :)

Thanks. I just played yours and see the similarity but they are still far from the same I'd say. It feels great to play around with the orbits and controls in your game, well done :)


This is a really fun. Nice art and good music: I like it :)

Check out the projects page for a more detailed tutorial

Thank you... it shouldn't happen anymore, uploaded a quick fix.

Wow thanks a lot plexsoup :)

Cool you liked it :)  What prevented you from unlocking them?

How many players is your game designed for?

I liked the story and imaginary world you built really much, combined with the great music it complemented the gameplay very nicely imo, good job

Really cool seeing the nightclub grow and earning more and more. Music very athmospheric too. I liked it :)

Glad you enjoyed it :)

Thanks Alex :)

No, sorry to dissapoint you. Buy or Die can only be played with 2 players, either locally (via LAN) or over the internet.

I love the style of your games, but atleast a quick explanaition of the controls / goal would be great ;)

UI felt very smooth and polished. The controls were a bit strange, idk if they were intended to. But great idea, I had my fun ;)

Thank you! We planned to have enemies in pacman, but the pathfinding was pretty much broken and we had no time/experience to write our own. Great you liked it anyway :)

Thanks :)

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Hey Maykaelos. Thanks for your feedback :) I will definitely rework the cover image

congrats! i hope you had fun :)

Cool interpretation of game "juice". (Just to let you know, the game crashes in the 17th config

Thanks :) I had a lot of trouble trying to fix the monsters pathfinding (this rotating you mentioned). I ended up partially redesigning Levels to avoid situations where that could happen and created custom paths for them in the last few hours. Sorry that you had these bugs :/

Had fun, earning my ticket for the ride. The only thing that bothered me, was that the direction mattered, the pattern had to be drawn. Except that, really neat game and concept :)

I played it for quite a while and have to say, its pretty easy. Especially with the jumping I could go on forever. I really liked the look of the game though. I didnt had any fps problems and also didn't encounter any bugs. The perspective might be a bit strange but it didnt bothered me at all. Maybe add some more difficulty (more lanes? boost pads which give a lot points but also speed = more risk to die)

54 seconds before deadline, thats good ;)... sadly I dont have a mac, so cant play it :/

Wanted to move it to the proper category

When you set the price of your game to no payments, there wont be a download button on top of your page but rather one for every single file at the bottom. With the price set to "optional donations" there is one on top.

I feel like it should be atleast optional to have a seperate download page (like the one after "No, just take me to the downloads") because with the install instructions AND the whole other text its quite a lot to scroll in some cases.

And besides that when theres a dl button right on top on the page at the first screen it statistically boosts the amount of downloads dramatically. I see no reason why that souldnt be made available optional.

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I enjoyed every moment of it, very "sick" game :)

Really cool game! I like it :)