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It was really nice, and it was fun to try new combination and see what would come out of it. I was so proud with king’s Arthur sword xD Also if the opponent had like 23 money left I couldn’t sell him a 30 gold object, I had to buy a few other object so he has exactly 30 gold and I could sell mine and win

web version was working fine for me, and it was a fun little game, good job!

love the intro, the game itself is fun, The controls are a bit messy maybe and I didn’t get how to level up but overall it was really fun

It didn’t felt like a 3 day gamejam game, it could have been the beginning of any bought game imo. The art is top notch, there are several characters with a story, a personality, lines of dialogs, the gameplay is nice, a bit hard but since you made a guide I wasn’t stuck. Really this didn’t seemed rushed at all and I would love to play a longer version of this game so tell me if you ever make one <3


I didn’t get the stargazing part with the form drawing, can you explain it? I would like to try again :)

score of 120 \o/ it was fun and dynamic ^^

concept easy to understand, but maybe not challenging enough? The cats are super cute tho. Can they stick around and fill the screen as we progress the game :p

very clever tutorial!

Charming a godess is harder than I thought ToT But I reach the end \o/ 🌞

super cute, super cosy, I would have loved to fix the holes in the ground with my money and buy more colors

Adorable. Love the art and the chill music. And the slime. The slime is the star

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If you are lost, here is a map of the village to guide you



I haven't played it yet but DAMN the art is amazing ! And the UI is so clean

Really nice, playing was fun, the distribution of the cards was a bit hard on me but still, really nice :)

Really nice, playing was fun, the distribution of the cards was a bit hard on me but still, really nice :)

A really nice game! The mining mini game was too hard for me, but fortunately we are NOT alone and my 1st free employee went straight for the ore :D
Now I'm the proud boss of 15 worker and still hiring

Interesting :) The screen keep getting higher so I couldn't read everything but I still get what was happening and it was fun, I got ending 1 & 3

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Really fun! I had no difficulty understanding the mechanics and I had a really good time playing it! In the end, while I felt safe with plants everywhere to feed everyone, these damn mushrooms attacks and my veggies turned against me xD I died trying to find a card that could kill these mushroom but didn't find one >< Is there anything that can kill them?
Edit: Also you did good with the theme, we really are NOT alone xD

This game aesthetic is just... wow. The color, the shape, the movement, the scenes transition, the texts, everything is done with the same smooth aesthetic in mind, really impressive. I'll follow you right now to not miss another little game you would make, it was a real pleasure to play with this one.

The aesthetic of the scene and the background music are 10/10, really really good.
But I couldn't manage the controls. First it took me time to understand we had to click space to jump (I thought it was mouse click to jump), it took time to understand that the platform was appearing under me only if I click inside the game screen, and finally I couldn't get why the platform was appearing in certain trees and not other, so I had to give up. But after the game jam if you update the game and fix the controls and allow us to play in full screen mode, then I would really like to test it again!

I guess I'm not skilled enough with speedy & precise mouse movement because a meerkats was knockout each day making me last 4 day max T-T Maybe increase a bit the snake hitbox are decrease a bit their speed? Other than that the ressource management part seemed nice and quite intuitive (I couldn't really test it halas with my 4-day survival skills xD)

This is very relaxing, the sound and the minimal visuals are doing a excellent job. I also like the fact that discovering one make it echos and discover others in chain, like if they were calling each other

Quite fun, a bit hard to play with a azert keyboard, maybe add the possibility to play with the arrows? But the concept was fun

I'm impressed by the game design learning curve. In game jam puzzle there is always the level whose difficulty is incredibly high compared to the previous one, but these one were really incremental, well done!
I just think there might be a problem with the sound, like if 2 music were playing at the same time, but I'm not sure?
Also the art for the game page is adorable.

I'm really happy I went to the game page to read the description, because at first I thought it was a kind of copy of beat saber but with +- instead of blue/red to match the opposite theme, and with collider not really working (but with really nice atom-like particle effects for the plus & the minus). I was completely wrong, I was playing the game wrong and didn't even understood correctly the goal. The actual idea,  being inside an atom and trying to balance a bunch of e- & p+, is really creative! And it fit the theme perfectly. 
So knowing that, I think you did a great job finding your idea, I also think you did a really good job implementing the mechanics, especially in Godot, and you even did a great job on the music and the particle effects. In the end the weak point is the game design to communicate what was expected from the player, but it's not an easy skill, especially in a 72h game jam, so considering all that you did a really good job

I just finish it and it was really interesting!
I love the concept (orb revealing hidden stuff) but I also really liked the textures on the wall, it gives a little psychedelic feeling to this strange place. It's also impressive to have made this mush puzzle + a game ending with such little time (I almost felt off my chair when the camera moved in the end :p ) The text written on the wall is also a good idea, it accentuates the feeling of uneasiness. And the music and sound did its job too, maybe the background music was a bit too much like elevator music? But that's just my opinion. Overall it was a fun experience and I'm happy to have tried this game ^^

Thanks ^^
I admit I'm thinking about that too. A bigger map, more puzzle, more interactive elements, real voices, and maybe a little story? I have no precise idea yet, but I think I can transform it into a nice experience that would last more than a couple of minutes. If I can do that and kepp the peaceful / tranquil atmosphere, it would be awesome

"I wuv you pumkin pie" xD
The video is a good idea, that was really nice! And funny :p How do you check if the pattern is correct? With a range of colliders that you must trigger in the right order maybe? But it would have problems when the pattern cross itself, like in the fire pattern, so you didn't do that solution 🤔 Maybe checking if the position of the hand is close enough of one of the pattern point every frame?

oh I see! I havent played god of war but I tried pistol whip :)

No I couldn't finish the game, it was too hard for me :p

That's the spirit!

Fun fact, I never manager to move the player up (he was stick at the XR headset position), so instead I move the whole island down.... 😶

Thanks! The 3D assets are from Synty studio,  its not free but they do amazing art :) And I took more time than I will admit on finding sounds that fit well. I never found a good sound for the negative feedback tho :/ so I end up putting a computer-error sound. 

You are right with the puzzles, it has room for a lot of diversity! I planned to hide some elements in the scenery or even requiring more action to get the elements (like chopping down logs from tree with an axe ), but of course I didn't have enough time for that :p Still there is room for nice ideas with this mechanic.

I already try your game, the atmosphere is awesome, I feel like I'm in a old comic book :) I just need to reach the end before I rate it, but it is definitely in my top 3 submission I prefer

Mark your files as Android and Windows; I almost didn't see your game because I use the Android filter. It's in Edit game then you check the right box next to your game file

Mark your files as Android and Windows; I almost didn't see your game because I use the Android filter. It's in Edit game then you check the right box next to your game file

Mark your files as Android and Windows; I almost didn't see your game because I use the Android filter. It's in Edit game then you check the right box next to your game file