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Thank you :D

I love the color and graphics!

If one day you need help to code a game you have in mind you can contact me, I would be more than happy to work with such beautifull and colorfull art :)

Yes, they restart the hunger and mood meters, if one of them is full the slime go away. I should make it more clear, thanks for the feedback :)

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I couldn't make the '1' and '2' key works so I couldn't go far :/ 
Too bad, the controls were responsive and the game begin well!

I really like the visual and the physics :)
Bumping on the walls was a bit frustrating tho, and I didn't get why we should try to collect the little particle (we won by touching the big cell even if we hadn't little followers). 
It was nice, good job :)

ok I finaly get it, I was in the same situation than yippiez :p

So that's a bit the same reflex than ddr. It's fun and the slimes design are nice ^^

A bit short, apart from that it is a nice little game and I could have play dozen more level because it was fun ^^

I get slime.
My life is finaly complete.

I love the arts, animation and music of the game, it gives a unique feeling and we spend a nice relaxing moment even when it is a bit challenging :)

The game seems fun but I can't get control correctly and end up in the water all the times :s

nice little games :)

I hadn't had the time to understand how the minigames work because I was immediately killed >< but still that was nice :)

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Thanks ^^ 

There are 24 species of slimes (with teen and adult design) plus one baby slime :3 

If you have additionnal gameplay ideas don't hesitate to share them :)

The bombs are nice! :D

Done! You can now find 1 heart by level and when you reach 20 coin it transform into a live :) 

Thanks for the feedback o/

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The 50 coins -> 1 lives is a good idea. I also thought of putting 1 collectible live by level out of the normal path to encourage a bit exploration but I can do both :)

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This is my second submission :

So this is firstly a presentation of the intelligent agents I create. The task I trained them for is to catch a box (and variants). 

This is secondly a "real" game where you can play again the agents.

I admit some agents are more dumb than intelligent... I even have a suicidal one, a lazy one and a traumatised one. I realy didn't expect this kind of result for a task as straightforward as catching a box but well... it's fun to be surprise by agents you create yourself, it's the magic of machine learning  :)

I make this as an entry to the ML-Agent Unity challenge so if you appreciate don't hesitate to vote and look at the other submissions, some are fun :)



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The main reason for me to put it on is to keep every thing that is about the relation between the game and the public in the same place: this website.

It's true writting player feedback is quite specific but personnaly I also always have notes about idea on what to improve, bug I found or stuff like that. Maybe it's only me, if other people don't need personnal notes on their game I agree there is no need to add it :p


I'm new to and I find this website really useful and complete, it's easy to upload a game and we have a lot of tools to manage it.

However there is one tool I didn't find: when I upload my game, I didn't found any place where I could write comments about my game only visible for myself. At that moment I needed it because I get a bunch of oral feedback and I wanted to compile them on one place (on the the Analytics page or something like that).  That way, if one day I want to improve my game, I know where to find all the feedback I gather (well until now it's 2 feedback but still :p).
I know on other game in the past I needed a note page too (I uses trello) where I put idea of improvement or the next big development step. 

So! In summary I was wondering if there is that kind of page (a page where the creators of a game can put comments only viewable by themself) and, if that king of page doesn't exist, isn't it a good idea to add it ?

Have a great day o/ 

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Yep, it last only a few minutes. 

If people liked it I will make another one better and longer. Otherwise I will try another type of game :p

Hi people :)

This is a game where you end up on a desert island and try to survive and escape. You must manage you stocks of food, water and other to survive. 

It is a tiny game I made to become familiar with dart language, it mainly consist in clicking buttons.  It's the first game I upload so don't hesitate to tell me if there is a bug of if I made a mistake (or even if you liked it :p).

I hope you enjoy it :)