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Sure, my discord is epsi#6276 ^^ 

I'm currently working on a third game, and after I finished it I plan to go back to these 2 games and improve them :)

Thanks a lot for your feedbacks!
For the slimes the shop is a good idea, I will white it down somewhere. Maybe I could also add ransow animation that occurs time to times :)

For aether realm you are right, it is set by default on the european keyboard (azerty). I also put a another control on the arrow keys but I should do something for the qwerty keyboard :/  I didn't know about the rendering bug, I will remember it for next time I work on the game. About the colors it's a good think you want more: actualy, if you collect enough power balls, you begin to color the world around you. First you only color rocks, then you color plants, then water (my favourite) and finaly fire-linked elements.

Once again thanks for your feedbacks, they were realy usefull ^^

My name tag is  epsi#6276 . I think blender have an option to transform the model you make into voxel art :)

Hi Nick!

I have currently 2 games I'm quite proud of :3 

1) Slime Tama
It's a game where you get baby slimes that grows up and can mate with each other resulting into other appearance of slimes and a mixt of their color.
The goal is to complete a book with all the appearance of slimes possible. You must also make sure the slimes doesn't die of hunger or boredom.

2) Aether realm
It's a game where you controle a spirit ball that must gather little droplet of power to unlock your elemental powers.
You are in a blank world and  by unlocking your power you can give color back to the world.
For this game it's better to have a normal/good computer because it require resources and became hard to play if it lag on slow computer, sorry for that.

if you decide to not play them because you are stuck somewhere or the controls are bad or any other reason, share this information with me so I know what to improve on these game. If you think something is really good on one of these game please share it too so I know what I must keep :)

Hello HarryWood, can you do little voxel models with magicavoxel or another software :) ?
I'm developing a little game but I have so much work in development that I don't have enough time lo learn how to create 3D voxel model :'( (and because I have zero skill in art -_- )

this post is old, I guess you are not searching for work anymore?

This is really nice of you IncredibleWolfy!
I begin to make a game this summer, I hope I will have a testable version soon to have your feedback. When I have a testable version I contact you here or on discord :)

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I look at the teaser, and this is just so damn cute! Oo I don't know who the artist(s) is/are but they are really good <3

It was really nice to play your game in development, the mechanics are all smooths , intuitive and not buggy at all, you code that well :)
I won't judge the 2D art: that's what happend when we, programmer, do a game alone :p  
Good continuation

the ball cannot physicaly climp a 90% slope, we are supposed to jump to reach these yellow power sphere

thanks, rotation is now handled by the right and left arrows and not the mouse, so  this is not a problem anymore :)

this is now corrected: we move with the arrow key so it work with both QWERTY and AZERTY keyboards

I heard some were having big lag so I made a big pass on the performance, I hope de game will play smoother on all kind of computer :)

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I just release a new game I made (with help of 2 talented people) on the theme "primal element".

It's obviously free and it can be player on the browser or download on your windows both with a mouse and keyboard or with a joystick

In this blank and substanceless realm your job, as an element spirit, is to gather enough power to fill the world with color and substance again.

You will begin by unlocking the simple Rock element and reach higher ground in the ruins of ancien buildings,
then you will unlock the Plant element and give live again to the grounf and the vegetation in a forest,
after that you will unlocked Water, give its substance back to the sea and travel between the islands of an archipelago,
and finaly you will unlock the Fire element, clim a volcano by the power of steam and face your final chalenge in the volcano hearth.

If people like it, I will build other maps and maybe add other elements (air, metal, ice, etc) so don't hesitate to tell me if you like the concept.
I will improve the performance in the following days, and if people find bug I will correct them as soon as I can. 


I hope you will envoy it ^^

Also I made this game for a game jam ; there is only 4 entries so don't hesitate to try them too, they are all really fun ^^

You are completely right, you can change the control at the launch of the pc game but you cannot do that in the webgl version, I will try to add it as soon as I can :)

Thank you :D

I love the color and graphics!

If one day you need help to code a game you have in mind you can contact me, I would be more than happy to work with such beautifull and colorfull art :)

Yes, they restart the hunger and mood meters, if one of them is full the slime go away. I should make it more clear, thanks for the feedback :)

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I couldn't make the '1' and '2' key works so I couldn't go far :/ 
Too bad, the controls were responsive and the game begin well!

I really like the visual and the physics :)
Bumping on the walls was a bit frustrating tho, and I didn't get why we should try to collect the little particle (we won by touching the big cell even if we hadn't little followers). 
It was nice, good job :)

ok I finaly get it, I was in the same situation than yippiez :p

So that's a bit the same reflex than ddr. It's fun and the slimes design are nice ^^

A bit short, apart from that it is a nice little game and I could have play dozen more level because it was fun ^^

I get slime.
My life is finaly complete.

I love the arts, animation and music of the game, it gives a unique feeling and we spend a nice relaxing moment even when it is a bit challenging :)

The game seems fun but I can't get control correctly and end up in the water all the times :s

nice little games :)

I hadn't had the time to understand how the minigames work because I was immediately killed >< but still that was nice :)

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Thanks ^^ 

There are 24 species of slimes (with teen and adult design) plus one baby slime :3 

If you have additionnal gameplay ideas don't hesitate to share them :)

The bombs are nice! :D

Done! You can now find 1 heart by level and when you reach 20 coin it transform into a live :) 

Thanks for the feedback o/

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The 50 coins -> 1 lives is a good idea. I also thought of putting 1 collectible live by level out of the normal path to encourage a bit exploration but I can do both :)

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This is my second submission :

So this is firstly a presentation of the intelligent agents I create. The task I trained them for is to catch a box (and variants). 

This is secondly a "real" game where you can play again the agents.

I admit some agents are more dumb than intelligent... I even have a suicidal one, a lazy one and a traumatised one. I realy didn't expect this kind of result for a task as straightforward as catching a box but well... it's fun to be surprise by agents you create yourself, it's the magic of machine learning  :)

I make this as an entry to the ML-Agent Unity challenge so if you appreciate don't hesitate to vote and look at the other submissions, some are fun :)



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The main reason for me to put it on is to keep every thing that is about the relation between the game and the public in the same place: this website.

It's true writting player feedback is quite specific but personnaly I also always have notes about idea on what to improve, bug I found or stuff like that. Maybe it's only me, if other people don't need personnal notes on their game I agree there is no need to add it :p


I'm new to and I find this website really useful and complete, it's easy to upload a game and we have a lot of tools to manage it.

However there is one tool I didn't find: when I upload my game, I didn't found any place where I could write comments about my game only visible for myself. At that moment I needed it because I get a bunch of oral feedback and I wanted to compile them on one place (on the the Analytics page or something like that).  That way, if one day I want to improve my game, I know where to find all the feedback I gather (well until now it's 2 feedback but still :p).
I know on other game in the past I needed a note page too (I uses trello) where I put idea of improvement or the next big development step. 

So! In summary I was wondering if there is that kind of page (a page where the creators of a game can put comments only viewable by themself) and, if that king of page doesn't exist, isn't it a good idea to add it ?

Have a great day o/ 

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Yep, it last only a few minutes. 

If people liked it I will make another one better and longer. Otherwise I will try another type of game :p

Hi people :)

This is a game where you end up on a desert island and try to survive and escape. You must manage you stocks of food, water and other to survive. 

It is a tiny game I made to become familiar with dart language, it mainly consist in clicking buttons.  It's the first game I upload so don't hesitate to tell me if there is a bug of if I made a mistake (or even if you liked it :p).

I hope you enjoy it :)