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Spamish referrer links in stats

A topic by Racso created Jan 01, 2018 Views: 302 Replies: 6
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Note: I thought I had published this before, but it seems that I didn't save it. Sorry if it gets posted twice.

I'm noticing some really weird links in the referrers of one of my games. They seem like spam links to me:

Perhaps could simply ignore the links that come from those domains?


I think Yandex is a popular search engine and/or portal in Russia. We must have a filter for referral spam already, otherwise we'd be seeing a lot more, and more obvious, spam links.


I don't think we should hide the links, but maybe we can group them together? So you can see how much traffic you're getting from yandex?

Thanks for the clarification.

@leafo That would be useful, indeed. The downside is that we would lose the search keywords. I don't find them very useful right now because I don't understand them (so, in my specific case, I agree with grouping these links), but some people may be able to read them. How's Google being handled?

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I agree that you will lose keywords which could be useful information. Google uses a redirect with javascript to hide their referrer data so websites can't tell what queries were used. They will just appear as ''

Oh, too bad. With that in mind, my opinion is to group them, then. I believe that Google drives the most traffic for most people, so keeping Yandex with that level of detail won't be that effective (specially since a lot of people won't even understand the search terms).

Of course, the ideal scenario would be to have some way to group or separate the links with a button or something, but that's probably too much work.

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