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HTML5 Canvas won't fullscreen properly

A topic by Oliver Bentzen created Jan 01, 2018 Views: 321 Replies: 4
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No matter what i do, pressing the fullscreen button always results in a black screen.

It does say it useful for twine game, but it doesn't say it only works for twine games, and i have seen a game here that uses it which most certainly isn't a twine game so i think this is supposed to work. Please do tell me if i am wrong though.


It would be helpful to know which game is having problems. Do you get an error message in the browser console? Speaking of which, what browsers have you tried in?

My game (actually just a test page). It's not public right now

No error messages, i only tried firefox.


The fullscreen button just makes the iframe take up the entire screen, we don't do anything to your game's code. You might want to check if your game supports resizing like that. If you are having trouble debugging it tell us what game page is having the issue.

my game uses i think window.onresize to handle resizing (i set my canvas.width and height to the window.innerWidth and height), is there something else i should be using? (it works fine when resizing the browser)

The game page is currently not public, is it necessary to make it public?