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Secret Quest Guide [version 9.X]

A topic by BGGSZ created Nov 30, 2021 Views: 24,767 Replies: 28
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- defeat Grant X
- get the cookies from the doghouse at Horace's in Feasterra [requires finished Horace affinity #3]
- give the cookies to Karen (scarecrow) during the day behind Robin's house and you will get a key
- use the key on the last door in the Glory Dungeon's bathroom  at night and get the lens extractor
- use the lens extractor on the telescopes on the wall in Grant's room, you will get a lens
- use the lens on the telescope in Ghart's house at night to find the secret location,
- open the main Helgem Earth map and go to ??? at night
- interact with the sword, you will be prompted to wake Dodoro the dragon
- choose "yes, great idea" to all the options.

3 opponents are encountered in this quest (the battles are in badass mode):
- Horace's Clone while getting the cookies in Feasterra
- Orc (Red) while getting the lens extractor in the Glory Dungeon bathroom
- The Infernal Trio while getting a lens from Grant's telescope collection in his room

how do you fight Grant x ? I thought I had finished the story ?

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Grant X is the version of Grant you fight on Solitude to seal the gateway to stop the dark knights from entering the world. You can fight him again in the dicktionary by renting a room with him. His weaknesses don't save though, since he has multiple positions per wave, so you'll need the guide for them to play perfectly. It's on another one of my posts here on the community page.


odd I am unable to get to solitude 

How did you solve it? I don't know how to continue the campagne and fight Grant X...


How did u defeat grant x? I have the one ring and the plug with the dragon sword (also everything with scrolls) and grant just keeps killing me, i use all of his weaknesses  correctly and i still can´t defeat him


try to use some kinds of dishes like strange fish curry & orc's favorite dish (can be purchased at valdo's home). i used fish curry in beginning of fight then the orc's fav one in late fight (when my hp almost reached 100%). It worked for me, of course along with those equipment, scrolls, & super effective moves you mentioned. have fun.


Hi, I've already given him * if it's a great idea * but he tells me that I might need another sword, can you help me?
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Sorry, I'm not sure. I had the strongest sword in the game before that point (the bat sword or something; purchasable in the weapon shop) so maybe you need that one.

Edit: yes, you need the bat sword, the creator confirmed it

excuse me, but I can't find those cookies.

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After you finish the new update main story completely, Horace will tell you to bring him cookies, go to Feasterra during the day, and inside his house in the second section of Feasterra, click on the dog house (it looks like a little hut with a dog bowl next to it. 

NOTE: You also have to have finished Horace's affinity completely. Can't access this part otherwise.

Hi, Where is the secret location? I can't find it

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After you completely fix Ghart's telescope look through it at night, and go outside whellcum at night to find it. It appears as a ??? location.


How do you fix the telescope? i maxed the 3 affinity of the wizard and have the lens


Excuse me. How do you exactly fix the telescope? i have the lens but no idea on how to fix it, i also maxed out the 3rd bar of horace's affinity if thats a requirement to fix the telescope.

Put the lens on the telescope at Ghart's house on the balcony at night and look through it.

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Is Dodoro still fightable after the curse was brooken from him?

Yes, He appears randomly on Solitude Mountain.

Their colors are green and blue

Hi. I don't know where to find the lens extractor, I went to the bathroom at Glory Dungeon at night, but no door can open.

Do you have the key?

i broke Grant telescope lens, where can i find another lens?

Inside Grant's bedroom, click on the telescopes on the wall.

Updated the post with a better structure, latest game info from version 9.20

Do you just encounter Dodoro once? 

For the Cursed one yes but you can access it again with Dicktionary at the Library after. You can find him randomly in Solitude Peaks for the Dicktionary entry for the regular Dodoro.

I got the lens in the bathroom, but I put it in the castle telescope and it broke, I can't find another one, what do I do?

Inside the room on the wall, not on the balcony.

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I have Karen's Key, but when I interact with the Gloory Dungeon's bathroom it just make a locked sound and doesn't open.