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It’s Dodoro, I don’t know where you find him though.

This tweet says “end of the year”

See here, you need to change the date on the device, or wait until December hehe

This happened to me just now, macOS 12.6, MacBook Pro 2021


wow, I never would have figured that out, how did they do it?? Thanks for sharing. I feel like watching the video is enough for me 😂

It’s in the release notes for 10.0 and the localisation strings exist so I think it must be achievable!

I have used machine translation to look at the strings from Russian, should I post spoilers…? It doesn’t spell out how to start the affinity, but the first string is tantalising:

“After your fifth pint, you start talking to the tavern waitress.”

The translation string names include these so that seems promising 😯


















probably in a couple of months

isn’t it Gregor and Orderic’s hands on Hanth’s shoulders?

Have you fought the king?

What’s your situation with Grant? And the tournament in the castle?

Have you visited the Glory Dungeon?


I got it on a MacBook Pro 😯

Have you completed Horace’s affinity?

Do you have the key?

Something I found confusing is that I couldn’t do it on the inventory screen when in the store, I had to go to the backpack inventory.

I tried stacking them but the second one overrode the first, they seem to be one-per-weapon

I don’t think it matters, there’s no interaction between item and enchantment, whatever you think is best overall would be best regardless of what you have equipped.

it’s in the dog house, it’s for the scarecrow

What OS and device are you using?

I don’t think it’s in this version.

You can’t beat him in the current version, that’ll be in a future update.

I’m pretty sure you can’t beat him on the first try, something Astaroth says suggests you need new techniques etc that you can only get after meeting him.

No, you can only win a card from someone once. But maybe there are people you haven’t encountered yet? I’m at level 48 and don’t think I was going out of my way for it.

You can win against people above your level, have you tried playing against the level 10 person?

What are you experiencing?

Maybe it’s the carnival room as described here?

The roadmap is always in flux, as in any project, but at the moment 1.0 is scheduled for October, with one update planned after that.

Thanks for mentioning the baths, for me it was the afternoon though!

It’s probably to come in a future update.

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Also, same platform, after losing to the king, he’s in the Dicktionary for me with placeholder strings like $Dicktionary-Quote_King, etc.