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Thanks Sanctioned, how bout a limit of 8-10 and lots of interaction between players?

Do you just encounter Dodoro once? 

Could you put three regens (one on Sword, one on Ring, one on Plug) for tree time the effect as well?

How many can we play together in-game?

What is your goal? 6 people in the same world?

You see their weaknesses even on Badass-mode

Could you put the same scroll on all three items?

Like +20 vitality on Sword, Plug and Ring for +60 vitality?

Can you interact and do stuff with other players yet?

Good job Urosh

Where exactly in Horaces Basement?

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17. You better work b**** is inside the Top Floor Room at Huberts inn during evening

Much appreciated BG!

Anybody know 1, 2 and 4, 5?

23 isn't in yet Luka

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Zack's Kitchen (inside Bakery) and Alley (where the Bandit is) is one as well (in the morning)

My List

3. Afternoon Wood

6. A Sexier Encounter

7- Living a Happy Life

8.  A bit of Sorrow

9.  Whellcums History

10. Hellgem Earth

11. A fly in the Lube

12. Liam's Tavern

13. Strip Lucky

14. A Hand on your ass

15. Sniffing Memories

18. A Compromising Situation

19. Whellcums Castle

20. Betons Army

21. A Hot Investigation

22. Dangerous Places

24. Whellcums Hell 

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1, 2 , 16 and 17 are where?

How about we compile a list where all the Underoos are?

For future usage.

What are you thinking of @SabDwach?

Beside their skin hue, how about adding characters with more african facial features as well?

What ending?


You have to visit the Library,


During Betons final affinity, two BGMs play at the same time.

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Version 5.2 - During Betons final Affinity you can hear two BGMs play at the same time.


You will find and learn more skills by Unlocking the Library.

From the Grizzly Twitter:

Beton and Horace's (the wizard) affinity dialogues should be in the december update. 


You can transmute resources/materials at Bob The Cauldron (Horaces Cauldron in the Basement)

You will get 1 Gold Ore for turning in 3 Silver and 5 Vegetables etc.

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No # 5 is from fully upgrading your home, so your Coziness meter (green bar top left) is filled.

Purchase new furniture from the Carpentry shop.

December probably!

Guessing either of those three that have locked Affinity-bars are unlocked.

The Twins



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Level 3 Affinity (maybe will be raised in future?)






Giant Loyd


19 Undies to Collect

Next update in December (Maybe more Characters Affinity added? Story continues)

My guess on who gets next Affinity updates (these have three unlocked affinity squares when talking with them)

Horace (Wizard)

Beton (Soldier)

Tristan and Hector (The Twins that guard the Gate)

or maybe some totally new characters?


Explore the beach and the forest!

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For No 5 you need to fully upgrade your Room so the Coziness-meter (Green Bar top left) is filled to the max.

Buy furniture from the Carpentry shop to fill it!

If you purchase on itch (32$?) you will get all updates, just update your version via the Arrow Down icon top right next to your name and click "My Downloads" whenever there is a new update.

On Patreon i  believe you pay less (was it 10-12$?), but you need to pay again for each update (since you need to become a member each time to download it every 2 months if you unsubscribe each time).

On Patreon there is a monthly cost.

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Top right on itch there is an arrow down-icon (next to your Profilename).

Click it and choose "My Library".

In the bottom Menu, click the Face-icon for Stats, Skills and Affinity.

You can click and watch all the Affinity-steps there.

Next version/update comes in December.

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For Gold Ore, you can do Tournaments, but i also Rented Rooms (via Library) and Dueled The Twins, Horace (The Wizard), and Giant Lloyd to get all the gold ores i needed. 

Wasn't a bother at all. 

For Black Ore (they look like Black Pearls), i rented Rooms for Dark Knights and battled them.

For Diamonds i did the Dark Knight Job/Minigame at The Twins by Castle Gate.

You can also Transmute via Horaces Cauldron in his Cellar.

It's very handy. 

If you need gold, just give Bob 3 Silver and 5 Veggies (which you have plenty of i assume)

Need Rough Diamonds? Give Bob 3 Gold Ore and 5 Veggies. 

Need Veggies? Either Harvest them in Feasterra or buy Veggies from Barto's Stall.

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Go to the Castle Gate during Day and Evening to talk to the Twins for the Dark Knight Job. (The Job where you fire Ballistas at them for Diamonds)

During Mornings (i'm guessing the Twins have the late shift), there are other Guards there at the Gate, Renny and Stimper.

You can also Duel them via Library if you Rent a Room.

Dark Knights usually appear at the certain Jobs during Night, while cutting wood, mining etc

There are different types of Dark Knights depending on location as well, Top, Bottom etc