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Missing music scrolls. (Minor Spoilers for version 7.1)

A topic by sbudy created Jun 11, 2021 Views: 1,072 Replies: 29
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So, after going through the entire map in all three phases. I'm still missing four music scrolls - 11, 16, 19 & 24. I've wondered if some scrolls could only be retrieved in certain stages of the game or if all of them supposed to be available. 

I have found 11 at the forge at night. I have not found 13, 16, 19, 22 and 24. Do you remember where you got 13 and 22? Thanks in advance.

I just found 16 in Horace's basement at night!


Where exactly in Horaces Basement?

In his house in the fields.

I just found 22 in Zack's house in the afternoon. I am only missing 2 now, numbers 19 and 24.

i’m missing #23

I believe I've found #23 somewhere outside Whellcum. Rusty Valley, maybe? There was a scroll inside the flowerpot in the shop.

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Thanks, but I think i’ve already get this one, so it’’s not 23

I'm missing 13 and 21 (and 23, which isn't available yet). Anyone remember where you found those? Or can you tell me what the names of those scrolls are?

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Since the update from 0.7.1 to 0.7.3 I have now 24 available scroll slots instead of 25, and I also miss just 23.

#13 is called "Strip Lucky" and #21 is "A Hot investigation". I think #21 is available in Zack's house, which is accessible only after you get full affinity with him.

I found 23 at the top of GoldenSand in the afternoon. I found 13 in Horace's house in the afternoon. I found 21 in Ghart's house in the morning. It is 22 that is available in Zack's house. Anyone remembers where they got 19 and 24, and tell me their name? Thanks.

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Both scrolls are in the same zone as their music.

#19, Whellcum's Castle is in Whellcum's Castle, either on Grant's Bedroom on the eastern wing or at the theatre aisle on the western wing.

#24, Whellcum's Hell, is in the glory dungeon. I think it was in Ultima Plug shop, in the night, but maybe it was the afternoon.

I saw on an another topic and I got the confirmation by developpers,  #23 not available (implemented) yet. So ”rbanvil” you got before the last update 

Thanks everyone. I just installed the last update and the scrolls I received before as 20 to 25 are now numbered 19 to 24 and I am missing 23.

Would someone tell me where scroll #7 is?

In Ghart's room in the afternoon.

Awesome, Thank you! Now I have them all but #23.

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1, 2 , 16 and 17 are where?

My List

3. Afternoon Wood

6. A Sexier Encounter

7- Living a Happy Life

8.  A bit of Sorrow

9.  Whellcums History

10. Hellgem Earth

11. A fly in the Lube

12. Liam's Tavern

13. Strip Lucky

14. A Hand on your ass

15. Sniffing Memories

18. A Compromising Situation

19. Whellcums Castle

20. Betons Army

21. A Hot Investigation

22. Dangerous Places

24. Whellcums Hell 

Where can i find scroll #8, it's the only one I'm missing.

so I'm only missing 6 and 23, can anyone direct me too where they are? Also has 23 been implemented into 7.3?

23 isn't in yet Luka

6 is in the weapon shop in the morning; 8 is in Valdo's house at night

Where's 14 and 18?

14. A Hand on Your Ass - under the one night stand in Grant's bedroom during the day

18. A Compromising Situation - inside a cauldron at the house in Feasterra during the day

Anybody know 1, 2 and 4, 5?

1. The Adventure Begins - the chest in front of the top floor room at Hubert's Inn during the evening

2. Morning Wood - held the hand statue in Orderic's bedroom at night

4. Evening Wood - under Hanth's bed during the evening

5. A Sexy Encounter - inside the room that Robin stays in at Hubert's Inn at night

Much appreciated BG!

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17. You better work b**** is inside the Top Floor Room at Huberts inn during evening