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I think its only Max affinity, because you gain affinity with shopkeeps when you buy from them and as long as its not maxed out you can still get it from what i can tell. Sorry just got this message

lol same. I mostly dont want to do an entirely new playthrough for it.

so i found a youtube video on the secret straight ending with how to get it in the comments. Its a huge hassel requiring you to beat Tyran without romancing any guy or getting max affection from the shopkeepers. Once you do you just go to Whiterain at night, speak to Catherine in the bar in the third area and you unlock the straight ending. This does require a new save file. 

ah. Yeah i figured it out after a bit, at least enough to get the items i needed. Thank you though. 

How do you cheat resources if you dont mind me asking? I'm having the same issue with the grinding experience and would really just like to enjoy the great story and sexy art.  Getting enough resources to get the strongest items in the game just takes way too long, Black ore being the hardest to get. 

Hey, I dont want to be that gamer that goes "This game is too hard for me make it easier!" but is there anyway we can lower the speed on the dark knight fights? It makes grinding for Black ore very difficult and its already a bit of a chore since even with a double finish bonus the reward is only two, it really turns the new update scenario into a slog. 

This happened to me too and i wasnt in front of a sign. It was the first enemy of the game. 

so I'm only missing 6 and 23, can anyone direct me too where they are? Also has 23 been implemented into 7.3?

in the classroom in guard base the afternoon, the red woofian is teaching a class there and will have the card.

oh ok thank you. 

hey does anyone know how to get underwear#26? Its the only one I'm missing. Also does anyone know how to unlock the scenes for the twins, Grant, and Zack? Or how to unlock everyone's fourth scene?

i can believe that. I just got into the castle and haven't fixed the bakery yet. 

if that wasn't clear, you gotta build up Horace's affinity to its 2nd lvl then you go on a quest with him to steal the key to the library, once you do you can get into the library after dark and take on the Horace copy there. 

i did and while it was tough i did win, now I'm a little over lvl 30 and i feel like I'm running out of people to play against but i don't think i can take on the trio or the strip lucky tournament yet. Do i get more cards for playing against people more than once?

so i've been mainly focusing on the story and my relationships with the villagers and kinda left strip lucky alone, however I'm at a point where it's important for the story to progress and i can't find anyone level 9 to take on, the next closest level is 10, where is the level 9 guy?