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missing Cursed Tyran. Try checking Royal orgy in the evening. Might require affinity levels with Tyran

Try re-duel the cursed forms and make sure to hit their weaknesses in all aura per round.

you need to have them equipped into your weapon and armor slots to have its effect/s to work. Scrolls effects attach themselves into the equip so if you put them in your inventory or vault, it won’t give you their benefits.

it becomes available to you after Main Quest event after fixing the Forge. Some villager would have noticeable icon above their heads if they are available for Strip Lucky. Main romanceable hunks would have Strip Lucky on their menu.

i think you are pretty much done with all current game version content. There’s no fixed ending as there is a planned DLC coming. You can either complete all achievements or try New Game+.

Regular Dodoro. Should be able to encounter him at Solitude Peaks randomly.

you might need to fulfill every style of every phase of cursed battles. It won’t show in Dicktionary but might be a pre-req.

valdo’s affinity doesn’t matter, you just need to cook dishes in order to unlocked succeeding dishes

For the Cursed one yes but you can access it again with Dicktionary at the Library after. You can find him randomly in Solitude Peaks for the Dicktionary entry for the regular Dodoro.

Awesome Guide. I would suggest some alterations like make use of softer colors for cells and you could make use of alternating row colors. The colors are quite striking and it can make finding the needed information a challenge.

ei. like this

Try Eden Beach. If you have discovered all his weakness. He should be available to duel with the Dicktionary in the Library.

Underwear #24 is Christmas Event, just temporary change your device date into Dec. 10~31 (last year) and check Liam in Tavern at night. Must also have max affinity with the twins.
Sniffet you are looking for is located at the King's statue at evening. Rulius might be blocking the path in the evening. You might need to go around General Grant's room.

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Scrolls are not essential. You can get away with 73 Virility 315hp (Chopping Blade + King Set) and x6 160hp stew from Feasterra Pot. tho better gears/stew would give you allowance for failure like missing/picking a wrong move or two. 100% stew (Valdo's Kitchen) would remove all hp inflicted on your character so if you have the materials get some of them.

Regen scrolls tho would give more advantage on longer duels as you get a lot of hp advantage out of that. others are quite situational and personal preference on which stuff they want to optimize for farming and stuff.

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try to at least get the feel of the game by challenging low level players at the plaza. Most romance-able npc can be challenged to get their card. Barto can be good early. Selim and Ghart are amazing card to get early but a bit challenging to win.

That would be Giant-Loyd. He's romancable so you can play Strip Lucky with him during Morning or Evening and get his card

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only on android device with 4gb of RAM or more prolly a certain chipset too to run the graphics needed. not available for iPhones iPad

have you tried challenging the person?

Regular Dodoro in Solitude Peaks. super effective 1333

11 - Forge evening

13 - Horace House (inside town) evening (check the parchments in the barrel)

not implemented yet


Hubert - InnBalcony AM, Inn2F EV

Orderic - OrdericRoom AM, OrdericRoom EV

Gregor - GregorRoom AM, GregorRoom EV, Library AM

Hanth - SideAlley AM, HanthRoom PM, HanthRoom EV

Valdo - ValdoHouse EV, Dock EV

Giant-Loyd - Giant-LoydRoom AM, Whiterain2 EV

Ghart - GhartTub PM, GhartRoom EV

Horace - HouseTub PM, TownField EV

Twins - RustyShop AM, TownWoods PM, TrainingCamp EV

Beton - BarracksLockerRoom AM, TrainingCamp AM

Zack - Bakery NN, ZackHouse AM

General Grant - StratergyRoom PM, GGrantRoom AM

Astaroth  - AstarothRoom AM, GloryDungeon AM

? - GHOHouse AM, KingStatue EV

Grant1 - Strategy Room night

Ghart 1 - Ghart Tub night

Astaroth 2 - Glory Dungeon morning

Glory Dungeon morning

not sure if you haven't read the part that says "(In the next version of the game)"

well if you haven't finished the Secret Sidequest, do that. or complete Remem'beer or shop affinities or grind gold and materials for future use.

ow haha no you can’t capture him. There would be scripted events with him being captured by townsguard but then he’ll easily slip away after. He’s also selling underwear at night in that alley, he stole from you during the storyline.

Dickeyland in Glory Dungeon Evening

capture confused me. You will have a scripted duel with him at Golden Sands during the main story. If you haven’t unlock all his weakness, it’s possible to duel him at Golden Sands Ore Farm randomly until you unlock all his weakness. He’ll become available at the library after unlock.

you don't even need the very best gears. Play smart. Grant X and secret side quests are one time encounter that would force you to use consumables. Grant X is doable with Chopping Blade + King Set + 6 160hp stew from feasterra. DCursed need Dragon Sword + King set +  5 100%hp stew. and yes consumables are broken cuz it basically multiply your effective hp by what stew are you using plus side effects of speed and virility + . You are not forced to do badass battle with them. Its your choice if want to. Those weighed against you mechanics are there for a reason. It adds layer of complexity and challenge on your side.

Do you realize how broken stew consumables are?

I get it but keep in mind the game mechanic isn't perfect and won't please everyone. If they lower difficulty some would complain its too easy. The phasing of progression isn't that bad you just need to keep up with stats. And its not even that demanding with consumables. There is requirement issues with gears that yeah it requires some grinding and it can get monotonous and boring.

I would suggest abuse the savescum method. Meaning untick autosave and reload if you fail. That way you won't use consumables and assess the duel better and know what you need. Hell even use 3rd party memory editor to get you resources so you won't need to grind.

other skills will be available for purchase from the Library.

good job on necro-ing this thread btw...

check castle bath in the afternoon or morning i forgot. should be available even if you didn't get it from scripted dark knight duel.

Should be available after Solitude Peaks sequence. Follow secret quest guide.

Your preference must be Versatile or Top. You can't beat it with Bottom as his moves are super effective and deal a lot of heat points.  

Your Weapon must be Long Axe and Don't Touch set, and x6 +60hp tea on ur invo. (must have enough resources to repair Forge and buy Don't Touch CR).  

Top  could get away with x5 teas and Vers pretty much need x6. Would also require you to use a bug feature to use unlearned moves with number keys on keyboard.

Beton, 3 memories.

Fix Dickeyland in Glory Dungeon. Available during afternoon/evening

have you finished Strip Lucky Battle with the Trio and finished the Tournament in the castle?

which Daddy Orc are u looking for?

Try Bar at night, Karen (the Scarecrow) afternoon, or Barracks Classroom at afternoon (might need some affection tier with Beton)