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Have to try to sign in twice !!!

A topic by Gamers Arena created Dec 30, 2017 Views: 174 Replies: 8
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Hi all,

Am i the only one who have to sign in twice ?

When i first load "log in" page there will not be any captcha, so i have to type username and password and hit login button.  It reloads page and shows incorrect captcha. This time it shows captcha and i can log in. 

I have tried disabling adblocker, tried from other systems and browsers. Same happens.


I'm having the same problem, and not just on either. Learned to just keep the tab open, since I have to be here all the time anyway.


Captcha should only be showing up on networks that have been showing suspicious activity, or large amount of traffic. Do you know if you're on a large shared network?

No i'm not using any shared network and definitely there isn't any suspicious activity.


Presumably my ISP counts. Oh well.

Hope some developer (maybe  ) sees this topic.


Presumably developers at Google are already aware of all the false positives, seeing how widespread the problem is. The question is what could be done on our side. Especially as plenty of spammers get through even with the captcha system in place.

Deleted post

Does it happen on your phone?

yes. I have only noticed it happening when logging in on a phone.