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All the art, sprites, sound effects used are taken from internet with their creators permission.

Wolves and hotkeys will be fixed in next update. 

In terms of sprites I don't have permission to modify or change them in any way.

Does it happen on your phone?


Check out our new game "Adventures of Griffri". 

It is a 2D adventure - platformer game.  You play as Griffri, a brave sorcerer who fights for justice and to keep peace.

Over 30 levels.
Challenging gameplay.
Melodious background music.
Find coins and improve character.

Get it Here :  Link 

Play demo for free and if you like it buy at an affordable price of $2.00

Hope some developer (maybe  ) sees this topic.

No i'm not using any shared network and definitely there isn't any suspicious activity.

Hi all,

Am i the only one who have to sign in twice ?

When i first load "log in" page there will not be any captcha, so i have to type username and password and hit login button.  It reloads page and shows incorrect captcha. This time it shows captcha and i can log in. 

I have tried disabling adblocker, tried from other systems and browsers. Same happens.

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Thank's for your response and support.

We changed our game size and added Fullscreen option. 

Updated game with mouse view and side movement.

Wanted to add it but it made game look easy. 

I would like to hear any comments/bugs/reaction of this game.

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Hello all,

I have published my new browser game "Kill 'Em" 

This is an old school shooting game with open stages. 

Kill enemies in each level to progress.

Link to play :

Hey, my game has not yet been downloaded by many so i made it as free.

A Soldier's Path:  Download

Play as a soldier of medieval era and fight enemies, defend castle and protect innocent. Immerse yourself in adventure where you can collect items and use it at later stages, find tracks leading to enemies and most importantly defend yourself at critical times. Play with your friends online and find out who can score highest.


Thank you

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Play my first game. 


- Charming music while playing. 

- Each level has different enemies and different player ships. 

- Surrounded with beautiful graphics.