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Slow Download Speeds

A topic by smooby created Dec 30, 2017 Views: 3,185 Replies: 16
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I'm getting extremely slow download speeds from both the app and the website (average 15 kb/s)

I live in Australia so I'm used to slow internet but I cannot get anything downloaded at all.

Strange. Here in Indonesia, specifically Bandar Lampung city have fast connection speed. I can download games from this site.


We haven't gotten any reports about degraded performance from our CDN. Are you still experiencing the issue smooby? Does this apply to any game you try, or specific games?


I have been experiencing the same problem in Australia. I can speed up download speeds clicking the alternative download button but this isn't available for some games. I've had the same problem with every game I have attempted to download and I have been having this issue for a few months now.


Do you know if you just have this issue with your home internet, have you been able to test with another connection in your area?

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Hi Leaf, one of my testers in Oregon has been having issues as well. He sent me this note and the link:

Yeah, definitely a problem with their CDN, went to download it today and it complained about this host being unavailable.

Hope this helps.


Requesting that URL directly is always going to be 403 error. Do you know what error they got about it not being available? Is it possible to do a traceroute on the domain?


I sent him an email and hopefully he can post some good info here for you.

Hi Leafo,

  I did shorten the URL I was given so I could specify the host.  However, as I am testing presently I am now able to download again quickly, whereas for the past week it's been nigh impossible to download the software.  Unfortunately, I didn't save the full url and I can't replicate the error now.  This usually indicates you are a wizard.  

Hi Leaf,

I had a user get this today.  Don't know if this is related to anything or if this is in your realm at all. Good old Norton:


At the speed it says it is downloading it should of downloaded at least 5.4 GB not 0.35 GB. You can view my other reply in the thread for more context.


I have a solution that worked for me very successfully: change your ip address to something else using a vpn or an ip address hider. I used the ip address of Singapore and it worked.

Can confirm it works. Used Windscribe.

This is happening with me too. I'm trying to download a 4 MB file with a speed of 400 *bytes* a second. I have never ever had a speed that low, and currently its only with this website ):

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These replies are coming to me and I am not an itch rep.  - they need to go to leafo so you need to either reply to his post, or create a new thread.....otherwise I do not know if they will get it. 

l dont know what am l gunna do

I to am having issues downloading through, in task manager it'll say about  0.5-1 Mbps but in the downloads list in it'll say about 10-200 KiB/s. I have left my computer on for 2 days now and it has only downloaded about 350MB.

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