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Sounds quiet the scruffle that will take ages to fix, but props for making your plans and dreams come true. Also the smaller pool of Patreon members will reduce instance of duplicate bug report of similar bug. Going to Steam? I wait for the eventual landfall of your team on the game store.

You enjoying it, indeed. I'll check the discord, see what ensuing there. Keep on tip top roll, folks can be passionate when ideas flowing around.

For anyone struggling, TIL you can right click to check enemies move.

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Looks like you and your team develop this right. How many accessories you planning to have to the point not all of them have any apparent property yet? 

Also some of them are cursed, so sneaky yet fun finding out which one associated with what curse, and have fun clearing a stage with those limitations in mind.

Found a strat that negate the trickshot penalty:

  1. Use trickshot
  2. reload
  3. use any attack normally

I don't know if this intended or a bug, but I done it because I not want taking chances and just desire crit DPS.

Looks like when I mention that. They scramble to check why the file's so big, found the perp, then manage to cut em to only 2.6 GB. Still quiet big, but more manageable. Thanks for answering in my stead.

6 GB for a game? Unreal Engine indeed good, but awfully fat and not budget rig friendly. I'll try anyway, see if the game's compatible with my rig and enjoyable.

Oh my, looking at everything with slate clean, the lore's rich, what Eschan up to huh? At least now appear one representative (or two if you count the witch) and just like our typical IRL organization, there's faction and squabbling around. Coming for the sex, stay for the in-universe history. Imagine how the lore used in other form of perspective

Wishlist worthy. Price's a steal. Guarantee fun.

figuring out how to unlock scene, and researching all monster stats are my first tactic since I discover this game. Keep rubber ducking, see how that flows. I might don't know why the game made in first place, but never lose sight of your objective, let's see how folks (and me) react.

Knew it. Mine laptop's spec is more for office work anyway, so knowing my device limit is good enough for me. Thanks for the support, and I give Crisis Point, and this game you develop right now recommened rating, because I sure you make it awesome.

Processor: AMD A9-9425 RADEON R5, 5 COMPUTE CORES 2C+3G 3,10GHz

Installed RAM 12,0 GB (11,5 GB usable)

System type: 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor

OS: Windows 10 Pro

Version: 21H1

Might as well the minimum setting is 3 and above Ghz processor and RAM 16GB because boy when I start it, the fps is only single digit. Even the file size screams size queen!

Good prose to read, especially when someone in deep slump, looking for anything relatable to carry on. Damn lucky em, because someone close to me die in an accident that somehow more hurt than when fellow human die in same manner. Yeah, good ol' blind dog death manage to shake me more than my pop's death.

Saya kaget iki game belum di deteksi sama mentri penerangan.

Stumble upon this by accident. This one sexy Visual Novel I checking out. Flow's fast, but the idea's work. Look forward what new content you folks cook up.  

From South East Asia archipelago that being a chaotic but functioning mess of Indonesia 

Sure, go visit Indonesia diving spot. Just make sure someone watch your six, just in case. One time someone alone, some poor fellow got into fatal accident on Kualanamu airport.

Damn! You close by. Just a Malaysia bounce away and you will be on Indonesia. GWS about that jarete induce sickness upon you.

No one saying Zelensky's clean, its just that Putin's being more PITA than other corrupt folks of same occupation.

Still a drag though. Just trust your gut feeling. Perhaps also second head, just to be safe. Man, you busy.

Nerve (both literally and methaporical) are such finicky PITA that still a wonder why us human still survive. Be a little concerned, but thanks for trying to do it (don't you dare caught carpal case). Opening the version as soon as I finish type this comment.

1366 x 768 screen do well. I guess this "good job" worthy update. Figuring out my enemy strategy and guess it correctly even if the next action got caught in status effect is flowing right. Up to next week update

Looking at the update log alone seems to be pushing the engine to limit. Let's see how this go.

video is a lot of work. Just focus on here, and where there the least amount of distraction possible. Just plop something, see how folks react, and I wait when Tuesday incoming. We folks don't mind walls of text, because internet back then also rely on text, and we just want to see the project result. No need to make video for update information.

Go take a whole month (or two), just make sure nothing bites you in the ass

Until Russia either get diced up, or someone snipe Putin's ass, and all of the Russia army scram off from everywhere, including Crimea.

I see from F95 forum tat the dev's Ukrainian. If folks finds out the dev die because of Putin's special military operation, you know how those horny folks will react.

My SSD and 8GB memory aint even sufficient to run this game well. Not to mention bugs that present when loading a gaming session. The concept sounds, but making that happen with low-end rig will be quiet the feat.

Damn, this quiet the novel management kind of game, where you do your best to make sure each dungeon floor cleared ASAP before the corruption wave incoming. its difficult getting original gameplay game recently, so your game's breath of fresh air.

Obligatory Ukraini Slava, hope Putin and his crony die the way those decadent royals during French revolution, and the area annexed (including Crimea) merdeka and back into Ukraini's control. Heck, Poland have right idea to beat those Moskal orcs.

Your gameplay's fun. I'll check about throwing monetary support

Yeah, I asking how to unhide something that I hide myself before. How to do it?

the early game hell is too RNG dependent. I'll wait for more friendly game difficulty. This the reason why I ain't taking loan IRL.

Good platforming game. I can see this one in with variety of categories, and you even giving option to disable the NSFW stuff so the game compliant with Twitch and Youtube, that's rare in adult games, which I see Dohna Dohna did.

I hate rng, but you manage to spin quiet the novel concept. Game feels complete, but the rng is wack.

For a rimpy engine, you somehow make quiet the story, and the witty strategy of combat. Too bad i'm too broke to throw money, but I sure the quality of gameplay complement with the well made art.

Now you just need find way to make the option dissapear during evening. Here how you reproduce the problem: invite the twins to the pool in afternoon, let time pass in-game, then visit the pool again at evening.

Homecoming quest coming right up? That scene where Jewel sings, where I see your music portfolio? Good jam!

Need help: I somehow open up the brothel route, but someone else struggling. Does anyone that remember how to get Karos can give step-by-step instruction how to unlock that haunted mine minigame that can earn you gem fragments? Thanks.