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For those that need the instructions for the hoops, these tricks worked:

1. Set it executable

2. Approve it in the firewall

Whoa nelly!

Hi Leafo,

  I did shorten the URL I was given so I could specify the host.  However, as I am testing presently I am now able to download again quickly, whereas for the past week it's been nigh impossible to download the software.  Unfortunately, I didn't save the full url and I can't replicate the error now.  This usually indicates you are a wizard.  

This isn't unexpected as Mint is downstream from Ubuntu.  Good to know the fix works!  

I can also confirm that executing with "-force-opengl" does work to start the game, it runs quite well in even a modest vm. 

I can replicate this error and a stack trace does seem to imply something in GL:

2840  write(6, "XError: GLXBadFBConfig (error 17"..., 93) = 93