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Multi-game economy and shared currency

A topic by Patico created Nov 17, 2017 Views: 212 Replies: 4
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Hi there, 

I'm wondering if, anyone met a games with ability to spent money/points/... earned in another games?
For example, when I complete some level in game "A" and get some ammount of in-game-currency, then I run a game "B" and spent these earned money to buy something there.

Could it be interesting for someone, to have such kind of game economy?

I'm working on something like that. If you play the first game of my "Ryan Manolesta trilogy" and put some or all of your ingame money in an account at Panzani Bank (available only if you achieve the good end!) and then play the second game of the trilogy, you can retrieve part of the ingame money you put in the account, before you leave the town of Netherim. I'm still working on this second game though (release end of 2017).


This sounds like a really cool thing that could do. At one point I was considering implementing a global sharecart that games could use.

If you can figure out a way to prevent games from giving away loads of free money then alright

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