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Suggestions Sticky

A topic by MrYeti09 created Oct 31, 2017 Views: 481 Replies: 7
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suggest SCP's, Items, Locations or even just ideas !

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i do not know what to do plz make it more user friendly also inures walking speed

Hey there!  If this is the right place to make SCP suggestions, I'll make one - I dropped $8 already on the game, so hopeully it goes through! But I'd really like to see SCP 1155 "Predatory Street Art" in the game, as it was written by a good friend of mine.  I havne't written any SCP's myself, so this is the closest I can get.  Inclusion might be tricky due to how the SCP is contained, but I can pretty safely say that a little stretching of its containment to make it work won't be minded.  Thanks in advance for considering!

plz add the plague doctor if u already added him sorry i did not see him and also make it so we can play as a mtf guard or one of the ntf

Crea,please speak with grammar you unholy piece of ssssssscrappyyyy dooo..

this is a complete out of nowhere suggestion, but I would like to see scp-1730 . technically it's a complete different area,but it would be cool to look around the area and play around, if it was a thing. 

Try adding SCP-610.

what about SCPs 73 and 76 Cain And Able