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A topic by MrYeti09 created Oct 31, 2017 Views: 813 Replies: 14
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suggest SCP's, Items, Locations or even just ideas !

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i do not know what to do plz make it more user friendly also inures walking speed


Hey there!  If this is the right place to make SCP suggestions, I'll make one - I dropped $8 already on the game, so hopeully it goes through! But I'd really like to see SCP 1155 "Predatory Street Art" in the game, as it was written by a good friend of mine.  I havne't written any SCP's myself, so this is the closest I can get.  Inclusion might be tricky due to how the SCP is contained, but I can pretty safely say that a little stretching of its containment to make it work won't be minded.  Thanks in advance for considering!

plz add the plague doctor if u already added him sorry i did not see him and also make it so we can play as a mtf guard or one of the ntf

Crea,please speak with grammar you unholy piece of ssssssscrappyyyy dooo..


this is a complete out of nowhere suggestion, but I would like to see scp-1730 . technically it's a complete different area,but it would be cool to look around the area and play around, if it was a thing. 

Try adding SCP-610.

what about SCPs 73 and 76 Cain And Able

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I have 1.1 (The one where you start as the scientist) And have been playing for about a half hour or so and found that i have been wondering throughout the game and have no idea where to go, perhaps making the game easier to navigate (like adding little hints on where to go) would be much appreciated  as i have seen others with the same issue

Wait... The versions are like parts of the history?

Is SCP-049 in the game? if not please add it! And the Burning man! IF IT IS NOT IN THE GAME!

Some way to restart the resolution when set too high

aaaaand how about ●●|●●●●●|●●|●. maybe you can find some picture about him and you have the option to say about ●●|●●●●●|●●|● and if say someting about him he will take you... maybe you can make like a custom like maze to maybe escape like the old man

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Hey Yeti, I'd like to suggest my SCP (the one I shared on the Discord server). If you have any suggestions for it, I can make a separate file with less (or more) info on it to make it easier for (possible) implementation. Even if the addition is something small, such as a background character to just talk to, it'd be fine.


In the main menu you could add a commands page so new people (like me) can know the commands.

Hope you're able to make a mac version someday!