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this is good for a game of these shall we say "tags" But ill be damed  all the guys in my class are now playing it and man I'm glad I took the risk 

3.0 is the big day

time will continue so we can tell our kids it may be done when we die 

can you do a 64x version, i cant see the hole game!

haha, yeah we have a team working on it. we even have admin  but the "antivirus" is like sooo old its called symantec its 36 years old.

we cant play it in the browser its Blocked (woo school) but i found out last night that i was able do clear the app data log at home and "fix" the game so thats a temp fix really!


My friends and i really love this game, But the newest version is Causing our schools TRASH "virus Protecter" keeps getting set of, this is a bit of a problem because the risk logs get sent out... 

the things tripping it is 
- .EXE 

plz fix this its quite a pain and we love this game and still want to play it!!! thanks 

no lol

just found this "Love you guys <3 no homo" lol

thats my boy

ahahahahahhahahah that toock SOOOOOOOOO fupig looong


plz  i want to play it

Hardware Tycoon community » Questions · Created a new topic Question

Will this game ever cost cash and if so how manny

really REALLY omg really

why is rent 4,000

me in year 1821 (maxed everything only making $10 profit each)   game: TO FUCKING EXPENCIVE NO ONE BUY

me in year 1919 (low leavle cpu making me $549 each) game: good price should buy 

this makes no FUCKING sense WTF  if you want to win this game just set cost for evething to $600       PLZ FIX

this game is so good and Vhard is fun keep up the good work 


i do not know what to do plz make it more user friendly also inures walking speed

its super cool plz make more

NOOO HELP it wont lanch plz help i using 64 bit windos 8

how many leaves are there now when I larst played there was 3

good game just carnt play my security goes crazy plz fix

well thanks it is a good game and i am still loving it 

can you do a group chat on discord and send or post link to the group plz on this page

can you play with kee bord

Z not sporn ships ?

I carnet do the leave editing and it sucks plz help me

plz help me I wont to play more of this game

I carnt do the level deor plz fix do I have a old version of game plz help I downloaded yesterday