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no lol

just found this "Love you guys <3 no homo" lol

thats my boy

ahahahahahhahahah that toock SOOOOOOOOO fupig looong


plz  i want to play it

Hardware Tycoon community » Questions · Created a new topic Question

Will this game ever cost cash and if so how manny

really REALLY omg really

why is rent 4,000

me in year 1821 (maxed everything only making $10 profit each)   game: TO FUCKING EXPENCIVE NO ONE BUY

me in year 1919 (low leavle cpu making me $549 each) game: good price should buy 

this makes no FUCKING sense WTF  if you want to win this game just set cost for evething to $600       PLZ FIX

this game is so good and Vhard is fun keep up the good work 


i do not know what to do plz make it more user friendly also inures walking speed

its super cool plz make more

NOOO HELP it wont lanch plz help i using 64 bit windos 8

how many leaves are there now when I larst played there was 3

good game just carnt play my security goes crazy plz fix

can you do a group chat on discord and send or post link to the group plz on this page

can you play with kee bord

Z not sporn ships ?

I carnet do the leave editing and it sucks plz help me

plz help me I wont to play more of this game

I carnt do the level deor plz fix do I have a old version of game plz help I downloaded yesterday