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An interesting game to play, also nice demo.

this is a complete out of nowhere suggestion, but I would like to see scp-1730 . technically it's a complete different area,but it would be cool to look around the area and play around, if it was a thing. 

great game man!

cool game man

hey that's pretty good

great game! I really enjoyed playing it. Also hope you enjoy the video I made

Cool funny game ... I love it !


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Good job as always, I decided to replay the game since you updated it.(hope you enjoy) also scp 173 look much creepier(that's awesome) and the inventory is a cool addition to.

great and beautiful game, Interesting story so far...any ways I love it and i'm going to try and finish the game(really looking forward to the cool endings and other things). Also here's a video I made. Hope you guys enjoy it.

good to know

no problem im happy to play your game

cool and fun game there were some glitches but I didnt mind it. overall great game keep it on!

cool game I really liked it !

Cool Im happy you liked the video

Cool and interesting game I like it!keep it up, also here's a video I made

no problem glad you liked it

cool and interesting

game I really enjoyed playing it here's a video I made

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Great game I like it, Also the the current SCPs are greatly animated and you Good job dude. Also here's me playing the game

Thanks for watching and again this game is amazing and beautiful.

great and beautiful game I love it 

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I recorded a video about your game hope you like it

 Also sorry for the bad quality something messed up with my video editor