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Today i found my old laptop and i realized i have not played this game in 4 months but there has not been an update why ;-;.

the game crashes for me but i fine that when i take off my antivirus {because its detecting that its a third party application} it works perfectly

i knew about all besides the hitmen but thanks for the info

i am having the same problem. 

amazing but i feel rampage mode should have something more and also different types of police would be nice but i am just suggesting . it is awsome for being published only 4 days ago .

plz add the plague doctor if u already added him sorry i did not see him and also make it so we can play as a mtf guard or one of the ntf


the game crashes

when will windows editioin come out or is it not planned

i tried downloading windows version from website and app but it does not work i have played older versions so i know the game works so plz fix