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No, it is not possible to play on android, not right now, maybe in the future

Yes, it does still in development, recently i've lost all the progress with some weird update on the IDE, but i still working on it, usually posting updates on the discord server :)

dont worry, most of the glitches are fixed in the next update ( 

gonna take a while but i'm working on it )

got at least the item's one fixed, sorry for that fast update, it was basically just optmizations, weak pc's can run it easier now, also the fact i'm going to vacation this weekend made me work faster just to release a little update, thanks :)

I'll try to fix it rn, thanks for pointing it out

Solved it, next version will have it fixed, thank you

which place ? can you send a picture where you fell through ?

both versions are lagging a lot ? maybe your graphic card dont support it well, gonna check it out, thank you.

can you send your computer settings please ? including if is a 32 bit or 64

fixed it, thank you !

Created a new topic Bugs and Glitches reports!
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Post any Bug/Glitch WITH A SCREENSHOT IF YOU CAN or the text log after a crash!

Created a new topic Share your videos!

Title say it all

Created a new topic Suggestions

suggest SCP's, Items, Locations or even just ideas !

Sorry, probably the game only on Ubuntu, idk how Linux/MacOs works, but the engine i'm using should export them for any version, i'll try to fixe it! thank you !

thank you for replaying it ! really love to see the difference between versions ! also, awesome vid !

Thank you for the sugestion !

Replied to rapf22 in S.C.P. comments

Dont even worry about it, maybe the teleport is an SCP ? we will never know xD

Thank you for playing it, loved the video ! even i dont think the game is playable i really enjoy seeing other people play it, thank you so much :)

even that i dont think the game is in a playable state right now, thanks you :)

You can post it here, it was my bad removing the download link