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Try adding SCP-610.

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You don't have to add ALL of those.

Here is my idea list.

When you start the game, your first SCP will be a version of SCP-001. Yup. One of the SCP-001 stories. (Exept "When day breaks", That will come later.)

And after SCP-001, SCP-173 will be 2nd. And then everything else will be randomized.

At the end, once you contain all SCPs, click the research button. Then, "When Day Breaks" will be an SCP. You research again, and the game is over. You win.

Another thing, I want theese SCPs added.

SCP-055. "Unknown".

SCP-811. "Swamp Woman".

SCP-076-1 and then SCP-076-2 after you find SCP-076-1. "Able".

SCP-096. "The Shy guy".

SCP-999. "The Tickle Monster". No containment cost.

SCP-111. "Dragon Snails".

All of the litlle misters. (Exept Redd, because he isn't an SCP, just a tale.)

SCP-123. "Contained Miniature Black-Hole".

SCP-714. "The jade ring".

SCP-610. "The flesh that hates".

SCP-317. "Dinosaur physicist"

SCP-2616. "Shoo, fly!".

SCP-066. "Eric's Toy".

SCP-2059. "Wall of Flesh". (No terraria reference...)

SCP-902. "The final countdown".

SCP-500 ."Curing pill". (you obtain 51 of them, but tests when researching may use up them until you have none.)

SCP-105. "Iris".

SCP-106. "The Evil old man".

SCP-101. "The hungry Bag".

SCP-231-1 through 7. "Special Personnel requirments". (If and SCP-231 is about to end the world, you have to sacrifice 10 class-Ds to stop it. if you have all 7 of them, then you need to get rid of 70. Having an SCP-231 end the world wont end the world, but increase the danger level very high. If the last one times, its an instant game over.)

SCP-2317. "A door to another world". (This is an alternative to SCP-231. Some times you get SCP-2317 instead of SCP-231. Again, you have to sacrifice Class-Ds. It is the same rule of SCP-231.)

SCP-3000. "The Eel".

SCP-3199. "Humans, refuted".

SCP-3029. "Tabby's Star". (You get this one then on instead if using expeditions, like SCP-2399.)

SCP-2000. "Deux ex Machina". (You can use this to redude all danger by 100%. Only cost: you need 1,000,000,000 money to do so.)

SCP-2003. "Perfered Option". (You talked about it, so why not make it an alternative to SCP-2000, like how SCP-2317 is alternative to SCP-231?)

SCP-352. "Baba yaga".

SCP-513. "A Cowbell".

SCP-2521. (It has an untypable name.) maybe make it so when you view it's desc, it containes images?)

SCP-2700. "Teleforce".

SCP-2006. "Too Spooky".

SCP-2019. "Gelatinous Brain Cube". (No containment cost.)

SCP-1456. "You've Won!"

SCP-1795. "Star Womb"