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A topic by kittysune created Oct 26, 2017 Views: 325 Replies: 17
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hey im interested to become a video game developer i don't know where to start for create my first video game

i need suggestion from the experienced people on here since i seen the game on here was amazing and i love it 

thank you


That's a very broad question. :) Do you know programming already? And if not, are you willing to learn? Can you make art, and if not, are you willing to settle for 3rd-party assets? Are you able and willing to spend some money on your new hobby?

Most importantly, what kind of games do you want to make? It should be something you also like to play.

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1. nope


3.whats is that ?

maybe first i want to make platformer

since RPG game is hard i think i did tried to make my first RPG in my middle school years didn't ended really well since there is many complicated stuff that i didn't understand at that time *tried with RPG maker*


Well, if you don't want to learn programming, then your best bet is to team up with a programmer. There are apps like GameMaker that let you make games without writing code, but believe me, it's still programming. You still have to tell the computer in great detail how you want every little thing in your game to behave; there's no way around that. And it's harder to do it by putting numbers one by one in a zillion little boxes.

And by 3rd-party assets I mean for instance pre-made tile packs you can use in your game, like you can find right here.

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sorry i meant im willing to learn it i just forgot to write it im terribly sorry for my clumsyness....


Oh! Well, if you do want to learn programming, there are lots and lots of options out there. The official Python tutorial can teach you the basics, and there's a free book called Making Computer Games With Python or some such that will get right down to business. Another option is to go for a game genre that's easier to code, such as a text adventure or visual novel, and learn how to make those first. Then you can move on to more serious programming -- like a platformer. (That's where a tool like GameMaker can help you: it has predefined recipes that take care of the basics for you.) Surprisingly, a 2D, tile-based RPG is easier, just a lot more work overall; this is where a visual tool like RPGMaker can come in handy. Poke around and see what you might enjoy doing first.

(1 edit) i found this link on internet while i was searching for the book that you mentioned

well the question is which one the book that i needed to focus on first ?


That's a tricky question. How fast do you want to go? Are you willing to work your way up from text-based games? For that matter, are you willing to learn the basics of programming before you dive into game development? And I forgot to ask if you'd rather make desktop games or browser games.

i think text based games is good way to start my mind to create a video game do you had good example for me ? since im born like in 19s so there are no text based game in my youth days 


Of course there were! That was the golden age of amateur interactive fiction. Check out the IFDB. For that matter, check out the text-based tag right here on, because there's a lot of good stuff in it.

ohh there is many text based games on that section could you show me which one are the good one for beginner like me ?


You mean to play, or to learn from? Either way, there's a lot out there. I dunno where to begin. Might want to start another thread, asking specific questions. As for IFDB, it has both polls you can browse for recommendations (or even start your own), and more specific tags than we can have here.

if you want a game developer or creating a game. You should start learning C#.

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Although the development system is Delphi, I develop almost everything in Assembler, which is fully supported by Delphi, including the latest microprocessor models. I can define everything I want, without having to rely on expensive and heavy software on the market. At school I understood that if you wanted to get a good result you had to do it so. Frankly I'm tired of having to re-learn everything, every time something new comes out, to get what I need, always with some exceptions and without even knowing how it was done. I am from another generation; I saw the birth of the first home computers and the first PCs. it was a nuisance to change computers and operating systems almost every year. Now the operating systems become exaggeratedly heavy, with an interface that is getting worse and less freedom and possibility of using the real potential of a PC; except if you want to spend another capital to buy everything you need. However I can program in C and also in Visual C you can include code in Assembler; but the aforementioned problem remains. The source of my last video game is a text of 41924 lines, divided into dozens of libraries that I wrote and that I can update and reuse in other applications. I do not have much imagination for design and I prefer puzzles or simple pastimes, but that does not mean the potential of my software is limited. I was glad you gave me this advice, because so I explained my ideas about it.


You explain very well man.

Thank you. I appreciate your comment and I understand that you read all my post. But what is your opinion about what I said? What was your experience?


....And after all of your efforts in creating a game, you then have to advertise, and contact various people without coming across as a spamlord. All the while receiving spam email, after spam email of hack fraudsters asking for free keys, sometimes in the hundreds of thousand batches. And even the ones you trust after a bit of research could still be fake. 
It can get a little stressful. Development involves a great deal of juggling. I am but 1 person. 

Hooah! Semper Fi! 


A sad reality. You could make the best game in all existence, but without proper advertising and touching (or even crossing) the spamlord line, your chances of making it succeed are microscopical. So yeah, you kinda have to do it all :p