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Red Rogue

Platformer-roguelike about punching people's heads off and combining loot. · By st33d

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A topic by st33d created Feb 03, 2016 Views: 1,494 Replies: 10
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I can't promise a quick solution, but I'm liable to get round to it eventually. Version number and screenshots welcome.

Hi St33d, I got this after using "M" as my Hotkey for sleeping. After continuing, a similar error message would pop up when I'd open my inventory.

RangeError: Error #1125: The index 1 is out of range 1.
at Game/main()[C:\Users\st33d\Documents\rogue\1.0.8\src\]

Same issue, inventory just doesn't open at all, and moving to the next floor also breaks.


I need a version number please. You might be trying to play an old version of the game.

I downloaded and installed this through the Itch-app under Manjaro Linux. There is no executable, just mp3 files and png files in the game folder.

Downloading it from a web browser its fine, get the SWF file and can play it with Adobe Flash Player.


I built the Linux version on a version of Ubuntu that fits on a thumb drive. It wouldn't even run properly but others said it was okay. I've no idea how Linux stuff works so perhaps it's similar to a Mac app where it's a folder full of resources.

I can't even get Linux to work on any of my machines any more so I'm afraid I can't offer anything else. The executable did nothing other than run the swf in a wrapper. So if you can play the swf you're playing the game - the exe or app version isn't any better.

Every time I start gameplay or enter a door, this webpage opens:


Flash has limited storage space. You have to click the flash player object on the page to open the storage settings and increase the amount of data Flash is allowed to save. I cannot do this for you, this is the price of playing Red Rogue in a browser.

I recommend downloading the desktop version instead.

That happened ON the desktop version. It opened my browser just to give me that webpage. But it looks like fiddling around in the flash settings fixed it. Just letting you know, as I said, it was the desktop version opening those pages. Took me right out of fullscreen to do so.

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Hi there. I'm playing on Windows. Every "new" game I start, the overworld's chest is still open and portals are still there. I can reset the RNG seed but it's still the same. Reseting the data works.... but then I lose all my hard-earned Lore.

Is there a way to reset everything *but* the Lore? Thanks. 


The game is supposed to be a permanent loop I'm afraid, the chest is only ever meant to be opened once - ever. The item inside is a random tribute to inspirations and testers, you don't need it to defeat the Balrog (don't wear his face - no really, I made the game do something ultra-mean if you do).

The red rogue wiki has all the lore:

If you activate Debug Mode (either backspace or shift+enter depending on version - check the wiki) you can look at the other items - but some are constructed specially. Fishbane's spear is probably the most fun, as is Mokesmoe's bug-weapon.