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Hi St33d, I got this after using "M" as my Hotkey for sleeping. After continuing, a similar error message would pop up when I'd open my inventory.

RangeError: Error #1125: The index 1 is out of range 1.
at com.robotacid.ui.menu::Menu/select()[C:\Users\st33d\Documents\rogue\1.0.8\src\com\robotacid\ui\menu\Menu.as:329]
at com.robotacid.ui.menu::HotKeyMap/execute()[C:\Users\st33d\Documents\rogue\1.0.8\src\com\robotacid\ui\menu\HotKeyMap.as:138]
at com.robotacid.ui.menu::Menu/main()[C:\Users\st33d\Documents\rogue\1.0.8\src\com\robotacid\ui\menu\Menu.as:737]
at Game/main()[C:\Users\st33d\Documents\rogue\1.0.8\src\Game.as:1149]

Same issue, inventory just doesn't open at all, and moving to the next floor also breaks.

I need a version number please. You might be trying to play an old version of the game.