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it is:

The puppet comes from a Japanese children's television show called Ōkiku naru Ko (Growing Children) which first aired April 7th 1959 and ran until March 18th, 1988. It also ran in Latin America. The main character, Kento ("Pedro" in Spanish), is the monkey used in reaction images and GIFs. The character began being used in Spanish-language-speaking parts of the internet under the name No Ahora Porfavor ("not now, please").

You will get your wish, did you watch the trailer?

Just wondering, have you ever considered remastering this and the Mold Fairy, like you did with The Majesty of Colors? Like fixing the resolution for newer computers and maybe adding some new features to both of them? I'd LOVE that. I remember asking you that through email a longish time ago.

Does this require a controller to play? Couldn't figure out how to control the menu with mouse/keyboard.

Literally down the toilet, in the haunted house with the trapdoor that goes to the evil cave where you fight The Creator. There is a room in the haunted house with a Stroll Fiend that drunkenly stumbles out of it, that's the bathroom. Literally use the toilet (press E) and you'll be sucked into it.

First of all, please ease up on the shift key, you must be wearing it out.

Second of all, that’s a distinction without a difference as far as Yankees tropes are considered.


That's literally Samurai Jack...

Would you mind explaining the changes? And I think that what the other players said about a Director’s cut of the game sounds like a pretty good idea if you don’t want censor too much.

I’ve got to say I’m sad to see it go, and I feel kind of guilty for this.  I wish you luck with your future endeavors.

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I still get the popup, all this time later.

Specifically this, whenever I go through a door, even on

got a sexbot (jahereg) below me. Anyone know how to report accounts?

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Yeah, it'd be cool if you guys made an expanded version! It kinda reminds me of a Roguelike on Steam, called WazHack. That one is third-person and has a lot more stuff, though. But I love the unique experience DotGK gives!

Pretty cool! Overall a pretty fun rogue-lite, if a bit short and challenging at the start. The King himself felt like a letdown, with how that golden armor didn't seem to help him that much, and how his guards (who hold the strongest melee weapon in the game, yet keel over with a few flicks of a spear) seemed moderately more challenging than him.

Steed, what desktop version? I downloaded the flash desktop version from It opens in Flash Player 10, I think. I still get that popup. It opens my browser.

Still getting the popup I mentioned on the Itch version.

Red Rogue community · Replied to st33d in Bugs

That happened ON the desktop version. It opened my browser just to give me that webpage. But it looks like fiddling around in the flash settings fixed it. Just letting you know, as I said, it was the desktop version opening those pages. Took me right out of fullscreen to do so.

Every time I start gameplay or enter a door, this webpage opens:

Hey, the Kongregate version broke! The screen that says Click to Start doesn't work.

Well, I've got all the dna (except the nonexistent ones the Chameleon is making me look for) and evolved all the creatures. Overall, a very fun Tasty Planet-esque evolution minigame! It'd be great if there was more to it!

Wait, you can have two options to turn into a lobster. The crab can evolve into a lobster, while it's also an alternative when you're about to turn into a scorpion.

I just accidentally broke it. I was about to evolve into a spider, but I pressed r. I turned into a cell, and it was permanently zoomed in.

You're welcome! I just figured those out by accident. But...what are the 'cursed things' to be destroyed once and for all? Why did the now-chameleon call Cell Kell? Has he / she forgot all about his / her family? So many cliffhangers!

Why am I a smurf?

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The Shopkeeper can be kind of a jerk at times, though. He insulted PCs.

It let you go. Funny game by the way!

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So...Avast just freaked out and claimed this might be a virus, as it's a very rare file type. It sent it to interrogation.

Can you eat the golden whale?

Hey, are the only npcs the snurtle and the evolving lizard? Is the ocean zone just a dead end?

Also, I've found the dna from the snurtle, and the dna from the cloud. Can you give me a hint on the others?

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Did you say whale sounds?

What's the love file in the executable by the way? All I see is a mysterious duck balloon when I open it through the launcher.

This game is adorable! I have a bunch of favorite sets. One of them is the realism trio: Knobs, Stretch, and Rex. I like them because they represent different dinosaur types. Then there's the monster trio: McSlime, Sashimi, and Geist. They're squishy! They're all charming, though! Great work!

Eat the cube of meat.

Have you heard of the game Spore?

It'd be nice to see a fuller game with this concept!