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Race your car real fast. Don't stop now. · By joebain

Demo feedback Sticky

A topic by joebain created Oct 26, 2017 Views: 628 Replies: 21
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Hi all,

Thanks for playing the Yucatan demo. If you have any feedback, bugs, or other thoughts, you can post them here. Any feedback is welcome!



I have a hard time believing that this is going to PS4, even if it is just a demo. The game has a pretty awesome aesthetic and the music is pretty awesome, assuming you have the rights to it. But the game is all over the place. The controls are okay but the steering feels like it's either a leisurely drift to the next lane or a 720 flatspin into a 3 fatality rollover with no in between. The level design is all over the place, ranging from carefully crafted speedway to a 5 year old's hot wheels track. The jumps never feel good since you're either on a single trajectory or the game takes over and puts you back on track, they don't feel like obstacles as much as they do set pieces. The fact that there are bombs on some of them makes them even more frustrating unless you're some kind of savant who can perfectly calculate the travel time of the car and where each bomb is going to be when you get there. And it's far to easy to just miss one or take a bad angle so you drift off into space, not in a way that feels difficult, but rather unrefined. All this on top of the fact that the constant load/unload of each section completely kills the pace and momentum every 30-45 seconds. It looks cool, but that's about it.


Hi, thanks for the feedback! The game is still a long way from being finished, and there's loads of improvements to make before it's done. The game structure (the level loading) will be pretty different, and there should be much longer sections between loading screens in the future. I'm always tweaking the handling too, so maybe you won't be so frustrated with the final version.

I'll definitely check out the later versions!

Thoughts so far:

The aesthetic is cool. The graphics are neat. I like the music and stuff.

I wish it loaded track in segments so I didn't have to watch a loading screen and then start from 0mph each level.

Here's hoping it gets some polish on that handling. I especially notice weirdness when I hit a wall or the edge of the track. Usuallythe car sticks to the track like glue in spite of hitting the curb.

When you hit a surface with any part of the body of the car rather than the wheels, it bounces weird. Sometimes when you hit walls, the collision looks soft and pillowy rather than solid.

I got one question:

Is it possible to beat "Hard Right" without cheating? I only got the Secret Ending because I drove right off the edge, fell down and skipped half the road to that checkpoint.

For Hard Right you ned to do Mario Kart-style power slides (slide and waggle the left stick)  :)

LOL didn't even know it was a mechanic. Go figure.


Yeah, the drifting needs some work, and also a bit of a tutorial I think. Thanks for giving it a go!

What about support for other platforms?


I'm currently testing a linux build and looking for a tester for a mac build too. So check back soon.

Sound great!


Does the game require me to use "Joystick0"? Or, are only certain controllers supported?

I hit "Start" on my wireless XBOX 360 controller, nothing happens; nor does anything happen on my Thrustmaster Ferrari 458.

I can hit space or escape on the keyboard and get the menu to appear, but it still seems to ignore my controllers.

Good luck with the game, I'm excited just by the soundtrack I'm hearing on the start screen:)




Hi Rafi

I have tested it with a wired Xbox 360 controller, I'm surprised it's not working with the wireless one. I will see if I can get my hands on a wireless controller to test though.


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Thanks for the reply.

I got it working now, thanks.

It looks like it does have to be "Joystick0" for the start button to work.

I had an ancient PS 2 thrustmaster gamepad charging from my PC. I disabled this, and my wireless 360 controller started working (XCOM 2 has the same problem).

However, if I have 2 wireless 360 controllers on, the "start" button on the 2nd one is ignored from the start menu. So, it's not really a problem for me any more, but anyone who has more than one controller connected may have issues, I think (e.g., util recently I had a wired steering wheel as Joystick0 + wireless 360 controller).

I enjoyed the demo once I got past the first bit, for me the level with all the bends (I think, this is the one after the first "proper" level, straight with the keep left/keep right signs) was where it started getting exciting:)

Ah, one more question: Is the game OK for my young kids to play (no swearing etc)? The little bit I've played of it looks perfect, but best to ask:)


Oh, glad you got it working! It should support a wide range of controllers, I've tested Xbox 360, PS4 and a random Razer bluetooth one. I didn't think to try with more than one controller plugged in though, it's only single player. But I don't think it will be too hard to add in support down the road.

Thanks for the feedback on the second level. The first one is really supposed to be beginner friendly, but I've had similar feedback that people get a bit turned off by that and by the planet bit at the start.

It's totally kid friendly too! No swearing or anything like that.

I think this a 64-bit build? If so, is there a 32-bit build anywhere?

Sorry for being awkward, my kids are pretty keen to give this a go, but they have 32-bit windows on their gaming tablets (I think it will probably run ok, they can just about run Slime Rancher, and Rocket League runs ok in a fairly pixelly mode).

Ah, you said you were looking for a mac tester: I've got a 2009 MacBook that can run Chaos Reborn and my own Unity 3D projects, I'd be happy to try it out for you with my PS4 controller.


Ah it is a 64 bit build I think. I didn't think there were 32 bit computers anymore :) I'll see if I can get a 32 bit build together for you though. Thanks for the offer about the mac, I'll PM you.


Ah I keep forgetting Itch doesn't have PMs :) Can you email me at ?

Deleted 1 year ago

I just posted a windows 32 bit build. Try that out.

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Apart from the technical stuff this is amazing. I'm all excited for the full version!

In the tutorial section the motion blur is just extreme for me.  I'd appretiate the option to turn it off either way. It does enhance how the speed is communicated, but it ruins the amazing graphics.

And the controls are all over the place on the keyboard once you are supposed to do barrel rolls. I can pull off an A+Z+C combination with one hand awkwardly enough, but it's impossible to see the X key then. I'm sure this was a standard configuration, wasn't it?


I don't think you need to worry about the A key, that doesn't do anything. For barrel rolls use C+Left and Right when you're in the air.

I will have configurable controls in the future, sorry I wasn't able to put them in the demo.

Your camera work is cool, but I think it can also make it difficult to judge the direction of the car/how much you are turning in some cases. I have strong opinions about this sort of thing though that aren't necessarily widely held (I think most racing game cameras are bad and make the games harder to play. I'm trying to do something to address that in my own game).
Also some of the jumps felt a bit unfair to me. Felt like you needed to leave them in a fairly specific direction, but you can't see where the next piece of track is until you are already in the air and unable to do anything about it.
The concept is cool though, and I really like how different the tone and setting is from any other racing game. Looking forward to seeing what direction you take it in