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I adore the graphics! Gorgeous game... The game is fun, although it can be very RNG driven which sometimes sucks.

oh my gosh i was recently talking to a friend who was going through a hard time and this hit so hard

A simple game, but gorgeous art style.

The art style and amount of polish that clearly went into this game is insane. I instantly fell in love with it. And then I find out that it's got a unique puzzle mechanic with the chains, that I kind of have a hard time wrapping my head around (that's a good thing!). There's so much going on here I feel like I've barely scratched the surface. And the first dangerous area is you just walk into the ocean, like what?! This is insanity. It's so fucking stylish and cool. The game is quirky, bizarre and wonderful. 

I have to be honest with you, I wish I didn't feel weird about sharing it with friends, but the pervy BE fetish stuff makes me not want to share it with people I know... >_>


Made a gallery of mine

i found an arrangement that makes freaking dragons

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Holy crap I had to turn down the brightness on my monitor because I don't know how to disable my webcam's auto-brightness-adjustment but this is so goooood

The instructions only showed up for a brief instant when I ran the app, I had to screenshot them to read them.

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This is rad!!!

This is fantastic!


When I realized how it works, the game was actually quite fun! It's a nice twist on a physics game concept that could easily be turned into a mobile game or something.

I think the reason it was confusing at first was because it's not immediately clear that touching literally any obstacle causes the climbers to fall through the map. The rocks don't look like hazards, they look like something you should stop at or bounce off of. To a player who doesn't understand the mechanics, it seems like you're falling off the wall at random times.
Something as simple as a particle  effect appearing on the spot where you touched an obstacle, and perhaps an accompanying sound effect, might have been enough to make people less confused about why they fell.

wow! I got 174 meters and my fingers are getting tired

Simply brilliant.  There's only a few core mechanics but they all fit together in a very pleasing way.

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Thanks for this update! Things go waaay faster with instances working properly. And you can lower the score limit!

Oh no problem I completely understand it was a Jam project. I left it idling for quite a while knowing full well it wasn't finished. I didn't expect to be so intrigued by a Pong idling game.

One note, if you are indeed updating it, was that increasing the score required to win games seems to be a detriment when the player is trying to accumulate WINs. It might be good to add an option to downgrade that.

The secret upgrade does NOTHING~

Can't wait to see how this game develops. Curving the ball feels good.

This is one of the coolest puzzlescript games I've seen! Not often you get to play 2 player. I would legit like to see a mobile game following this conveyor belt concept.

Yo this is really fun. I agree it feels a tad slow but throwing bad guys is so fun I hardly noticed. The sound when you grab things is maybe a tad loud. Really I can only nitpick here... The momentum you get by grabbing and throwing guys feels cool and the combination of shooting and platforming is great fun.

Did you try to make a platformer using rigidbodies? :)

This is fun, you guys really nailed the atmosphere. I feel like it didn't quite live up to what I was hoping, only because it feels like it's just a game of Memory but you have to keep clicking on the crosses if you want to make more matches. I don't feel like I'm earning the exorcisms. I was also told there was a jumpscare, and somehow anticipating a jumpscare and not getting one is somehow disappointing even though no one really wants to be jumpscared??
I would make it harder so that there's some tension, it will be inherently scarier that way.

quality game
i think there is invisible enemy on level 3 though
that seems kinda whack

The art and music are just amazing guys!~

Virus detected 💀

It's an easy game, but seeing all the clones work together was fun!

The music is great, and the sound effects are disturbingly squishy. Probably captures a lot of people's opinion on hot dogs, which is that they are tasty, but kind of weird and gross too.

The puzzles were interesting, but not very difficult.

My twitter isn't even there... >w<

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Great fun! The art is simple but very effective. I like the ending.

There was a slight tendency to die without knowing exactly what happened.

Once I figured the game out, it instead became absurdly easy. I got all upgrades and kind of stood around waiting for the ending and occasionally buying health.

The voice acting is good. I need to do that for my next game jam.

one more thing
"The platforming accuracy of Celeste, without simply being a platforming gauntlet".

[proceeds to make platforming gauntlet]

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Played through this the other day. (SPOILERS) I like the secret area, even if it wasn't the most well-hidden (I saw the platform go up without me the first time I played Mainframe, and I instantly remembered it when I read the hint). I love the idea of "knowledge is power" (Outer Wilds is one of my favorite games, possibly top 5). The story is vague, but intriguing, being a museum curator in a dying universe controlled by an intelligent god-like being is pretty unique.


There are some fun mechanics, I've seen the grappling hook/magnet mechanic before but you used it really well and made it fun so good job. Overall the controls feel pretty good. I like how momentum can be used off the grappling hook, and how you can use left or right click for different styles of grapple. I was starting to pull of neat stunts with it towards the end there. Kinda wish there was a big, open, easy level where I can just play with it. Maybe a bigger hub area will help fill that job?


I definitely agree with some of the gripes I've seen about the difficulty. There are some tiny platforms and really bizarre laser timings. I didn't find the demo incredibly hard having played a lot of twitch platformers before and I liked it, but not everyone will find it accessible. I imagine a longer game would have a better difficulty curve where you could introduce some of this stuff farther into the game. There were a few things that were difficult in an annoying way though, instead of a fun challenging way, and that's what I want to discuss.

I think the most annoying was having to precisely aim at the grappling hook targets. They're not bad until the camera moves. For instance, I'll be at the side of the level and aiming at a target, I'll jump causing the camera to move a bit and then I miss my target and die, which sometimes feels unfair. I'd make the hitboxes on those much larger, so it feels like you can more consistently use the one you're trying to use (if their hitboxes overlap, and someone clicks 2 of them, pick the closest one to the mouse). It would reduce difficulty a bit but it gives the player more control and takes away some unfairness.

Oh yeah and dropping down from one moving platformer to the other was weird because you have to move forward, but juuust the right amount, or you miss. Very awkward until you memorize the timing on it.


OH MY GOSH This was difficult, but do-able and I only had to come back after a break twice since I got frustrated. I think you crossed the threshold into "this is a bit too long without a checkpoint" territory. There's a point where I start to think "I've proven I can beat the first half, give me a checkpoint. The first half is becoming something I need to beat just to attempt the second half, which means I don't get as many attempts on the second half and it's going to take longer to beat. But that doesn't necessarily mean it's harder, just gonna take longer. GIMME CHECKPOINT BRO". On the other hand, it stopped just before it became a serious problem, and I felt good after beating it, so perhaps it was about the right length. This is a controversial topic with some developers, I'm sure


This is my philosophy when I make platformers:

It's usually okay to make a change that makes the controls easier to use, or makes the main character more powerful. You can always make the game harder to balance something that made it easier (and improved controls will make increased difficulty more fun). Muahahaha-*ahem*

Overall though, this is a lot of nitpicking and I really did enjoy your demo immensely. I know it's a huge project going from a prototype to a complete game, but I would love to see more games from you (even if they're more prototypes like this) because this was super fun.

p.s. For the movement feel, personally I find the Super Meat Boy style movement to be the most fun and precise-feeling, maybe look into how steering worked in those games. To summarize, you speed up gradually but slow down way faster than you sped up (more force is applied if you move opposite the direction you're already moving in).

 The advantages of this are:
- If tap the button you move slower for precise moves.

- You can reach a high max speed after by holding a direction down longer.

- The high max speed doesn't hinder your ability to suddenly change direction.

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OK so from what I've played so far, this is a solid platformer.movement felt kind of sluggish, but then I found out that you get a brief speed boost when you kill enemies. It took some getting used to (lots of accidentally boosting off a cliff) but  it's quite fun. The level design could really use some longer sections with fewer pitfalls where the player can dash around and have fun with this mechanic. The difficulty rises a bit quickly (but that's understandable for a short demo like this). The music, of course, is fantastic.

 There were a number of things that bothered me but it's mostly nitpicky stuff:

There's some awkward platforming where I found myself wishing I could jump a tad higher or farther (although the boost mechanic does help). Charge attacking enemies makes you stop mid-air after hitting one, so you wind up falling into a pit (it feels like it should go through enemies like the regular attack). There's one or two platform you can bump into the side of, which look just like all the other platforms so it looks like you should be able to  run through them (one of these made me fall into a pit). The dragon holding a star was a pain to catch. I didn't really figure out how the bouncy platforms work until 2-1, where I found out that you get higher with each bounce, and that they disappear after you bounce 3 times (which made me fall in another pit).

Overall, I have to say this is a well done project. I think in spite of my initial impressions (it very much looks like a student project) I wound up playing it and wanting to get all the collectibles. It could use polish, but I see potential in this game. Slopes would be a great addition (I know they can be tricky to code, but oh man they would be fun).

The graphics are super cute, you did great! Gameplay's fun and has some replayability. There was a nice jumping puzzle. I like it.

p.s. There is an edge case where the bee that comes from the right can spawn while you're falling, causing it to appear 1 tile above the ground so that the bear cannot jump over it. I would reconsider how you position those.

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Good job for a first project! If you revisit it, you should work on the turning. The controls feel glitchy as hell. But, you know, good job!

Fun, creative game! Feels very arcade-y. Needs a cheat code to skip levels tho. :P

Fantastic game!

3rd try I seem to have entered a state where all materials are super soft and I never overheat and the game is really easy??