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Having a great time with this so far. I appreciate that it's not just a game displayed in moving windows, but the windows also create unique gameplay.

I've only got to the first boss and this game is very difficult but I love it.

I'd love to know how people feel about the perks, it seems like Bellow is the most useful of the three perks by FAR. At least it's the one I'm getting first. I see the utility of Drain if it helps me kill things, I guess. And the Sight one sure is sittin' there.

That's ridiculous.

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This game is incredible, it's super fun to use all the moves. The midair dive is a classic, it's so much more fun than your typical double jump... I'm actually upset that you have this badass dive-into-roll move and the game is designed so that if I ever use it I almost always accidentally roll to my death.

Fantastic game. I'm just salty about getting reset from running out of lives.

I am 100% going to mod this game later. It deserves a hardcore Meatboy-type set of levels. With infinite lives, of course.

OH wow I got it to work. That seemed like less of a "readability" issue and more of a straight up glitch. If I get up close and click repeatedly on the washer it opens and closes the door. If I open it, step back and click in a specific place then it actually loads the laundry.

Cool graphics./

Game doesn't seem complete-able, there is nothing to do and I have no clothes to wash.

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Not just a brilliant game, but I think you just invented the Shield Spin. I want a dungeon crawler with this move in it now. xD

If I were to add depth to this game I'd make puzzles that take advantage of the helper's ability to carry items around rooms where the hero can't reach. It would open the game up to puzzles that go beyond putting buttons in slots.

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The game doesn't have online, people are using things like Parsec to stream the game for multiplayer.

That was lovely! I like boat games.

The ending is pretty sad ngl.

The way you rendered the predator is really cool. It seems impossible to predict, which I guess is accurate for a 2D character avoiding a 3D monster. The game is not fair at all. XD But it's a fascinating premise! Moving around with a grapple is always fun.

Perhaps the 3D creature should cast a shadow? It seems like there should be a hint to help the 2D creature avoid it.

Please put both files into one .zip in the future.

I cheated I used Alt-F4 to avoid clicking Retry, thus having to restart but not reinstall the game each time.

I had the patience to get past 2 jumps so far lol

i've blown up somehow

When I found out you can make a bridge cheaper by using fewer solid segments with no-collide segments in the gaps, this game went from good to fantastic. It even fits the theming, you can save money by building a more dangerous bridge, but it's in hell so it makes sense that they wouldn't care lol.

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I'm having trouble with import into Godot 4. I have the tileset with the .png but none of the settings are correct.

This still a thing?
I wanna make homemade pizza.

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Dude this is so cool I remember playing the Klonoa demo ages ago!!! You actually made an original character like you said you would. :D

I really like the direction you're taking the game. I saw you teased some new enemy types in the sandbox area and I'm interested to see them used in real levels.

My only real gripe was that in the first couple levels I was struggling because I didn't realize you can press jump to double jump with an enemy. I don't know if it was my fault or the tutorial's fault, but I was trying to make all those jumps by throwing an enemy down. Throwing them straight down kills your momentum, but throwing them backwards and down can make the jump (kind of like you're rocket-jumping in TF2). Things got far easier when I figured out how you're supposed to double jump. :P

The roller blades are super fun, obviously.

This is hilarious

does it have an ending or?

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Played through the game, very fun. Got some thoughts on the difficulty.
I felt like the dragon was the first level where I really had to plan ahead. I got him after 4 or 5 tries, but I kinda felt like it was RNG. So I tried to beat the dragon again, to see if I could do it consistently.

I've beat it 4 times now and I feel like I figured out the strategy. I think it's not entirely RNG-driven and I could easily do it again now. This tells me the dragon is way harder than the rest of the game, and there ought to be some more levels leading up to it.

I saw a comment that 3-2 felt really hard and I'm inclined to agree. I think it's the combination of needing to dig for special shield blocks by raising the screen, and an enemy attack that adds  a lot of blocks to one column at once. SO ANYWAYS I tried playing that level a bunch too and I was able to not only get consistent at it, but I beat it without taking damage once.

That said, the game is remarkably fair if you practice enough, though I do have some gripes about RNG. Perhaps 10 seconds is slightly to short of a time frame? I'd do some tuning there. Maybe reduce the time per turn if the player chooses Hard mode? My only real complaint about this demo is the difficulty curve, but that's typical of a game jam game. Fantastic game guys!

Thanks so much! Physics games are my passion... I thought about doing more with the lamp but I'd have to make it's movement a bit more predictable. The lamp is probably too unpredictable to make a longer platformer out of it right now, I'd have to change it's physics again.

I did keep working on the blob game though! You can actually play a demo of it it's called Jellyball now.

I got stuck after getting the "stick to surface" upgrade and slowly traversing the map looking for the place I can go got boring. Sorry.
I'll try again tomorrow maybe.

can I buy you a coffee

You sure can shoot at each other in this game.

Seriously your art and audio design are top notch and the game is coming along really nicely, but I don't have any friends that I feel I could ask to play it with me. You're narrowing your audience down to furries who don't mind the lewd stuff AND who have friends that don't mind it either.

Not just a fun game with lots of detail, but it looks like a finished product. The level of polish is insane. I wanna see what the other levels are like.

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Very fun game. The theming and overall aesthetic are fantastic. The gameplay is of course very interesting and has some nice hidden tricks for you to discover. Surprisingly, there's not much of a tutorial but if you know Chess you can figure things out.

I beat the Normal mode pretty quick when I got a good lineup of cards. Going to have to try harder modes I guess.

Just FYI I got crows for +range, the sniper scope, 2 gunpowders for firepower, there were extra pawns that had extra health (but killing pawns gave me ammo) and 2 extra rooks (but killing rooks gave me ammo!) AND I had 3 shots.  Oh and the extra life lol. With the range, firepower and extra ammo I was standing in place shooting everything and sniping the queen. Normal mode did not feel like a roguelike on normal mode, at least not with the right cards.

I tried to climb to an upper screen when I realized you can move the ladders around. A fire fell down and onto my ladder and kept burning the platform I had tried to move to. Not understanding how fire works in the game, I tried placing a block on it to extinguish it and was met with a particle effect. I tried digging again and got stuck in a hole with the fire. I now understood that I had put the block in the fire and burned the block, but too late. My only choice was to dig down. I thought, maybe I'll find a void that I can move sideways in and get out of there. I didn't get out.

10/10 would attempt to explore again

Wait wait what does [C] mean? Can I make custom maps for this? Please tell me there's a way to make maps, my friends and I are having so much fun with it!

someone said to press control+alt+enter to make the bug appear (what? why is that the solution? Huhhh)

and it doesn't even work.

I'm a game programmer and I figured this level out after analyzing the code hint. Shame you're replacing it, I think it could work with a better hint. The hint is legible to a programmer, but it doesn't read like a "sentence" as well as some of the other hints.

I'll admit it was annoying how much you have to rotate the camera, a mouse sensitivity setting would help with that part.

I really like the way you get the bug in this level, by scaling up the duck to move a block. Are you planning to preserve the concept of scaling the duck up and down? Perhaps use a different method to scale the duck?

ThatGame.exe community · Created a new topic Brilliant game

I am already stuck. Don't give me a hint though, I'm gonna open the game again later. I wanna find every bug. It's fun.

That was a totally normal game about makin some noodles.

Brilliant idea for a game. Very enjoyable. I'm sure there are other aspects you could explore for pushing items around, items that affect other items' movement comes to mind.

Works great!

A fun cute game, and gets surprisingly frantic towards the end of Story Mode. Actually not a bad challenge! It's a time management game as much as a tower defense and I like that.

We played with slightly higher speed and 0 rocket reload time it was fun lol

We just learned that if you blow up 2 players that are both on a health pack they both get the health from it. Please don't fix this. xD