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I lived! I don't know how but I LIVED.

This is absolutely brilliant.

The puzzles are fun but the death count is high xD

This is a genius idea and the game you've made around it is really fun. That crusher level is so cool! It makes me want to play around with the thing and perhaps make more levels, for instance there are almost no levels that have you run through the inside of a fractal. Incredible game.

Pretty fun for a couple minutes. The sound gets on my nerves. Endlessly running from a swarm while going after objectives does give me some ideas for games...

Yaaaay I found three different endings. Great game!

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I was trying to actually paste the code into TyranoBuilder, and got an error message I really don't understand. It's not very good at elaborating on the source of errors.

Error:_preview.ks:23:An error occurred. check the scenario script.

So far I haven't gotten any kind of javascript to run  in Tyranobuilder and it's getting frustrating. Any help is appreciated.

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This is a genuinely ingenious project. It follows the somewhat obvious meta theme, but the execution was great. It's all in the creative details like the double width screen, or the visible Unity interface around the game border. It's got a nice color palette and I love the low-res video you put in there. This game has a lot of style.

That was fast...

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1:56 and I sure spent a lot of time walking around and getting killed. I liked the story! It sort of drags on though...

The fights can be fun, since the enemy AI is surprisingly good at keeping out of reach and baiting you to attack at the wrong time. I died more to the random monsters than to the bosses. Unfortunately this meant that it was safer to walk past monsters than to kill them; it's easy to miss the monsters and take a bunch of damage, and there are not that many opportunities to regain health.

My favorite thing about this is still the graphics. They came out really nice.

I think there is a bug with the save file. I beat the game without quitting and when I opened it again my checkpoint was right near the beginning of the game.

LOL didn't even know it was a mechanic. Go figure.

Thoughts so far:

The aesthetic is cool. The graphics are neat. I like the music and stuff.

I wish it loaded track in segments so I didn't have to watch a loading screen and then start from 0mph each level.

Here's hoping it gets some polish on that handling. I especially notice weirdness when I hit a wall or the edge of the track. Usuallythe car sticks to the track like glue in spite of hitting the curb.

When you hit a surface with any part of the body of the car rather than the wheels, it bounces weird. Sometimes when you hit walls, the collision looks soft and pillowy rather than solid.

I got one question:

Is it possible to beat "Hard Right" without cheating? I only got the Secret Ending because I drove right off the edge, fell down and skipped half the road to that checkpoint.

Thanks man, I tried something like that but I didn't figure out the timing. I've got it now. Your game is fun so far. :L

I cannot do the super jump in the tutorial. I assume I'm supposed to hit X right when I hit the ground after jumping ? ? I'm stuck in the damn tutorial.

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The wall-running wall-jumping rope-swinging combo platforming is too fun. I haven't played a ton of 3D games that have this many moves. I felt as though this got me a little closer to platformer enlightenment. Seriously, from a technical standpoint this is pretty impressive. I have no clue how to code most of these type of physics.

EDIT: Looking at the credits I found a Unity plugin, Super Character Controller. Gotta check this out...

I got 4 things. HA.

This is a wonderful little game.

Thanks for the fix. The game is really cool so far.

I found the secret Glitch level! The game is pretty difficult, but I'm excited to play more Hermodr.

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I have an 'Intel HD Graphics 5500'. Here's a copy of the log files.

Oh I sure hope it will, or can you fix the keys not working? I really want more of this game. :U

When I booted up this game it was a blank grey window. I could hear music playing but couldn't do anything. Anybody have a fix?

There are some really clever animations here, I would love to learn the details of how you made them work.

Failed to install because I already have Visual Studio installed - why does it need this?

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This doesn't work for me, I can't figure out how to get to the editor.

I can't get the menu or the editor to work. I think it's related to keyboard differences?

I made this art with your game.

I chuckled.

It's weird, but I like it.

Your art is looking amazing Bryan!

Sorry, that's all I got for this one.

I liked the bit where you give a triangle to a circle guy. After that, it gets weird. Not bad, though. I enjoyed the use of the physics engine.

I wish I could run this. What's a .sb2 file?