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Thoughts so far:

The aesthetic is cool. The graphics are neat. I like the music and stuff.

I wish it loaded track in segments so I didn't have to watch a loading screen and then start from 0mph each level.

Here's hoping it gets some polish on that handling. I especially notice weirdness when I hit a wall or the edge of the track. Usuallythe car sticks to the track like glue in spite of hitting the curb.

When you hit a surface with any part of the body of the car rather than the wheels, it bounces weird. Sometimes when you hit walls, the collision looks soft and pillowy rather than solid.

I got one question:

Is it possible to beat "Hard Right" without cheating? I only got the Secret Ending because I drove right off the edge, fell down and skipped half the road to that checkpoint.

For Hard Right you ned to do Mario Kart-style power slides (slide and waggle the left stick)  :)

LOL didn't even know it was a mechanic. Go figure.

Yeah, the drifting needs some work, and also a bit of a tutorial I think. Thanks for giving it a go!