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Thank you very much! It's a pleasure to be able to spread the word about great indie games like yours. 

Sure, I get being in a delicate frame of mind just as you release a project, especially when it's such a unique vision. It really is an excellent game though. Keep up the great work! :)

Personally, I loved this game. Played through 4 times to see all the alternate routes (though I'm intrigued about that secret ending you mention). 

I think you're setting the bar a little too high for yourself. Great games don't have to be perfect, they just need a little originality and creativity - something your games have in spades. 

Keep up the great work! 

Fantastic premise and the artwork and animation are excellent! Would love to see it expanded on with more levels!  :)

Glad you're continuing to work on the project! It's a very impressive game and the new climbing, fighting and snow elements look great!

Didn't realise Venineth was your work too! Just published an article about that too and it's another masterpiece of world building. Awesome work! :)

That's a real shame. It was shaping up nicely. Best of luck with your future endeavours. Any plans to release the current build or is it too rough to play?

Awesome! Thanks for the heads up. Will aim to get an article up tomorrow!  :)

Awesome, thanks! Will get an article up asap once the Demo's back up. :)

Ah damn, was hoping to cover the demo on Alpha Beta Gamer. Played it before the demo was taken down. Oh well, good luck with the Steam release, it's a great game!

Awesome, sounds interesting, hope it works out well! 

Aw, shame! Nobody really makes these top-down racers anymore and this one handles beautifully. Your graphics tools and pixelart are excellent though, keep up the great work! :)

Any plans for continuing this? It's got a lot of potential!

psst! read it backwards! :)

Cool game. I'd recommend adding some kind of scary noise/scream when the scarecrow catches you to increase the jump scare value.

Cool concept.  Really love the game area. The actual spray painting mechanics could use a little work though.  Maybe you could add stencils and the ability to change the size of your spraying area. Covered a similar game a while ago, maybe you could get some pointers from that: 

Think there may be some mistake. The Windows download is just 19kB!  :)

Awesome, glad you got the mouse working. It's a very cool concept, look forward to seeing how it progresses. :)

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It's a great premise. To avoid the copyright issues maybe you could use some streaming solution like soundcloud (could pop up in a browser window) or even YouTube integration.  Might be just as complicated to get that working though. Good luck! :)

Ah, right! Unfortunately I have absolutely no mp3's on my computer so I won't be able to play. Also when the browser window pops up the mouse is still locked to the game so you can't use the mouse to browse your folders (have to use tab, arrow keys and return). It's an interesting premise though. Having a virtual library of music rather than relying on players to have the exact mp3's on their PC's may make it a little more accessible (though I guess copyright may be an issue).

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Seems interesting. Can't figure out how to play the required records though.  When you select "Choose Song" it makes you search your own computer for mp3 files.

Looks cool. The download link seems to be broken though?  It's reading as 0 bytes

Fantastic game! Great physics and some fun abilities. Probably the best ball roller I've played since Monkey Ball and easily the best game I've played in the Spring #UE4jam. Great work! :)

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The new update seems to keep getting quarantined by McAfee. It keeps detecting a trojan named "Real Protect-EC.gen!F609C5B3E6BC" when you attempt to run it.

I'm guessing it's a false positive (the last build was fine), but you may want to look into it.

Yeah, that's working great now, thanks!  It's a great game! Here's a quick write-up:

Awesome, thanks for the heads up, will check it out. :

Ah cool, sounds interesting! I'm running Windows 10 if that helps! :)

Cool game! It seems to crash  as soon as I bake the "portal pizza". Is that deliberate?

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Ah, okay. I think maybe there's a bug. Whenever I click the magnifying glass my health stays at 100. But if I keep clicking it will suddenly drop down to 0 and it's game over. It's a very addictive game though. I'll look forward to checking out the post jam build. 

Sorry, I can't rate the game in the jam as I don't have an entry. (You need to have an entry in the Jam to be able to rate the games)

This is pretty addictive! However, sometimes when I click on the magnifying glass to find resources I instantly die. Is that supposed to happen?

You're welcome! It's a very cool game. Glad to spread the word! :)

For Hard Right you ned to do Mario Kart-style power slides (slide and waggle the left stick)  :)

Ah cool, thanks for the heads up. Will head for the bottom then.  :)

Loved this movie and this is a great take on it. Is it possible to climb along the roof to make it through the hatches up there?

Very cool game! Love the iconic Movie & TV cars! 

Have written a preview article on it and recorded a short video:

Keep up the great work! :)

Ah, okay. I was using the spacebar. didn't realize you use the mouse too. Will check it out. 

Sorry man, it still feels screwy. I think it's the way you have to charge up your jumps that's doing it. Tried turning on casual jumping but then it wouldn't let me jump high at all. Hope this helps! :)

No worries, haven't had a chance to check it out yet anyway. Will give the new build a go later today. Thanks! :)

Awesome! Thanks for the quick fix! Will check it out! :)

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I really love the set up and the pixel artwork but some of the controls really kill the enjoyment for me.  Any plans to release a version with more traditional platforming controls - where you don't lose balance on the edge of ledges and don't need momentum to walljump?

Ah , cool, I figured I'd missed some stuff as there were a couple of locked doors I hadn't gone through. It's a great game! Have spread the word via Free Game Planet.  Looking forward to Towers of Pantheon!  

Playthrough vid:

Awesome game! It's got a very tense atmosphere and an intriguing narrative. Are there multiple endings? Seemed like I got the bad one! (used the jewels and went through the door)