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Haha, thanks for the heads-up, I guess my conscience is clean then! another excellent game. Really love the style of your games! :)

That was awesome! I was wondering if putting all the lunches in the fridge does anything in the demo? I found and returned 5 but nothing seemed to happen.

Awesome, thanks for the heads up! :)

Thanks for the info! I'm on Windows.

Glad to see you're continuing to work on this! Is there some way I can delete my progress so I can start again?

This is really good! Found a few endings, is there a happy(ish) ending that I've missed? (I've had my neck broken, ran into the woods and entered the dark void).

Thanks for the heads up. I gave it a go and got the wheels on the car. I collected 3 fuel cans and 7 twigs. The machine worked twice and I think it produced bullets (which I picked up). Couldn't get it to do anything after that though and I had 3 twigs left. Not sure if I'm missing something

Love the new additions but I'm stuck. I've collected 7 twigs but don't know what to do with them. Found 4 wheels but can't seem to fit them to the car and found 3 fuel cans but can't fill the machine in the shed with them. Is there something I'm missing?

Cool, was worried I'd missed something! It's a great game. Looking forward to checking out more! :)

Really cool game! I guess there's no way to progress past the forest area at the moment?

Awesome, thanks! Will aim to get a vid up soon. :)

No problem! Always a pleasure to check out your games. Looking forward to seeing more of this one. It's a great concept. :)

I really like the premise of this and look forward to seeing more. I'd recommend reducing the amount of backtracking required though - it gets a little repetitive walking back and forth between the house and the garden to collect things. Would also recommend putting the flashlight somewhere a little more obvious (and perhaps placing it in the same room that you first glimpse the monster to avoid more backtracking). Keep up the great work! :)

Hi! Really love the game! The atmosphere is incredible. Is it okay if I do a gameplay video?

Can't wait! Glad to see you're expanding on this! :)

I agree. Nothing pisses me off more than a flashlight that chews through batteries in minutes.  It's unrealistic and adds nothing to the experience. Aside from that it's a promising game though.

I really love this concept, but the accuracy requirements for completing each shadow is a little too high (it can be a real pain in the ass to get them to line up perfectly). Would recommend  dropping the accuracy requirement by 5%-10% to make it more accessible and fun. 

I really love this game. Is it okay to do gameplay videos of it on YouTube?

Cool, thanks for the heads up! It's a fun game, will I check it out again when it has an ending. Those pigs are freaky! :)

Thanks for the update. Is there an ending to the game or do the days just repeat until you die?

Hi! Noticed you added an Alpha Beta Gamer easter egg in the house! That's awesome! Thank you very much! The robot voice is very cool too! :)

The download links aren't working. Not sure if it's because 5GB is larger than allows? 

Looking forward to checking out the update. Is there some way to discover the locations of all the video tapes? I found three in the old build, but not sure if I missed any.

The animation seemed fine. I'd recommend adding some more sound FX though. Especially something for when the characters talk.

No problem at all! Gotta expect a few bugs in dev builds of games. It's an excellent game btw. Awesome work! :)

Ah, it's cool. I hadn't realized you could kill the freaky crab lady. I'd just been running away from her and she fell down the blue pit. She didn't die down there though so I had to start again. :)

Great game! I'm struggling to find the blue gemstone though. Any tips?

Ah cool, thanks for the heads up, I had actually got that one but hadn't realized it was classed as another ending. Cheers! :)

Ah cool, I got that one. Does the final one have something to do with the names you type in?

4? Damn, I've only found 2 (loop and bad) and have tried everything! Any hints?

Great game!  Love the artwork.  How many endings are there?

Awesome, thanks for the heads up! :)

Looks great! Are there multiple endings this time?

Looks fantastic. Glad development is going well. It's such an inventive concept for a game. Keep up the great work.

Cool game! It seems to crash when you interact with the radio though (after going to sleep). Is that the end of the demo or is it a bug?

Hi! Just a heads up. Someone's cloned your game page and uploaded what I presume to be a fake version of your game.  You may want to report them to Itch:

Awesome, thanks for the heads up! Will give it a go (should be able to get a vid and an article up in the next few days too) :)