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This is dumb as hell. I love it! :)

Awesome, loved the first demo. Looking forward to checking it out! :)

You're welcome! Great work and good luck for the full release! :)

Absolutely love the update! The one thing I'd change is the running footsteps SFX (sounds a bit like a horse clip-clopping), other than that though it's perfect and the voice acting is superb. Great job! :)

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Excellent article with some excellent games. I think the biggest pushback about games that deal with trauma it that sometimes there can be very little subtlety with them, but when executed well they can be very powerful experiences. People always like to complain about things though, especially now that everything is politicized.  As long as your games reach their intended audience, screw the haters. :)

Here are some of my favorite mental health focused games if you're interested: 

Froggy Pot: 

The Longest Walk:


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Ah cool, thanks for the explanation, it makes sense. I guess I'm just too used to popping heads with one blow! Love the update though. Great work! :)

Hi! I tried the previous Dark & Gory Shooter Bundle update (from a few days ago) and really liked it, but found that headshots seemed to do very little damage (took several  axe swings or 3/4 handgun bullets to the head at close range to kill them). Would you consider adding a modifier for the headshot damage? It's cool if it's not possible though. Just a suggestion. :)

Hi! Awesome, thanks for the heads up. Will get an article up soon. :)

No problem at all. Let me know when you're ready and I'll get an article up. :)

Will do! I'll get a little article up on the Alpha Beta Gamer website for it too. Is this the final build for now or are there updates planned over the next few days? (If so I'll wait until then).

Ah, got it, thanks! It's a great game! Very clever concept and inventive puzzles. Looking forward to seeing more of it! :)

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Edit: Oh I got it, thanks! That was quite sneaky! I've turned on debug mode by accident though. Any idea how I can turn it off?

This game's really cool! I'm a little stuck though. I'm trying to get the "S" letter. I shot the dude across the gap (the one who says "Press Start"). Can't see any way to get across the gap. It seems like maybe the text-box platforms aren't spawning in the right place when I shoot him? (they all spawn way over on the right side of the screen)

No problem, will do. Will make up a quick little promo vid to help too.

Are there any plans to release an updated build of the game? Would love to check it out if you do! :)

Yeah, it's not a great time due to the credit crunch. I know some publishers who might be interested if you'd like me to check?

Hi Darek! That's a real shame about the publisher I really loved the game and the trailer looks incredible.

Were there no possibilities with self-publishing/early access/Kickstarter funding? 

Also, just increasing the size of the LiDAR points might help. :)

Hi! Yeah, I mean how quickly the LiDAR fires off points.

The upgrades sound cool. I'd still prefer a higher density for the base LiDAR if possible though. Please note that this is just my opinion (so please do ignore it if it doesn't fit in with your design plan) and I'm looking at it from a rather selfish perspective that I'd like to cover it on a YT video, but it won't make a very entertaining video if viewers can't see anything. :)

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I really love the concept, but would it be possible to add an option to make the lidar spraying more dense? It feels like it takes too long to get a decent picture of your surroundings at the moment.

It's cool if it's not possible, just a suggestion. :)

Yeah, it's really weird.  Maybe I have a slightly different driver installed or something? It's the first game I've encounter this issue with. I ended up using an 8bitdo controller instead and it worked fine. 

Anyway, it's a very cool game! Had a lot of fun with it. I've got an article and YT video up now. :)

Awesome, thanks for the heads up! Will check it out. Out of interest, what type of controller where you using? I might just try another type of controller if it's still not working for me. 

No worries, I really love it. Reminds me of Yarntown. Will look forward to the update! :)

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This is really cool! My only problem is that when I play using the controller then I can only aim the gun upwards (right analog stick when using an Xbox One controller doesn't seem to be able to aim 360 degrees). Aiming works with the mouse, so not sure what the issue is.

This is absolutely phenomenal. The artwork and storytelling were incredible. As much as I'd love to, I probably won't be able to cover it on my YouTube channel (YT has a tendency to ban videos of games with sensitive subjects like self-harm and suicide), but I just wanted to drop in and say how much I appreciate the game.

The artwork for Flowers Do Not Wilt For An Eternity looks great too. I hope you continue to work on it. Also, your cats are cute and your teacher is too harsh on your work, you deserve an A+ in my opinion. :)

Awesome, thanks for the heads up! How many dreams are there to unlock in total?

This is really cool and very confusing! I've figured out some of it, but not sure what's going on with the CD. I've recorded the ACDEE sequence you get form the machine, but when I place it in the VR headset nothing much happens. Any tips?

Awesome! Will look forward to it. They're hilarious games! Great work! :)

Very cool. Would like to be able to carry a light source and another object though as it's incredibly dark at times.

I really loved these games. Are you still planning on releasing the final part of the trilogy?

Oh, awesome! Thank you very much! 

That's great news! love this game! :)

This is very weird, but also pretty cool. Is there an ending or does it just go on forever?

The update looks great! I still need to know more about the mysterious goat on the cliff though!  :)

No worries, yeah no point changing the quick save if it breaks something else! Finally managed to bet it though anyway (Infernal Gate was brutal!). Had a blast with it. Loved everything about it. Will get a video up soon. :)

Love the game! One suggestion though - could you make the quick saves last when you turn off the game? (so you can resume when you turn it back on). It's an incredibly hard game, so completing a whole level sometimes takes hours and if you turn it off then you lose all your progress.

Also, I got killed while in the infernal gate and accidentally pressed "X" on the controller at the game over screen, which wiped all my progress sent me right back to the start of the Boneyard. It might be a good idea to disable the X button for the game over screen menu so it doesn't happen to anyone else. Cheers! :)

Cool, that's the video and article live now! It's a very cool concept. Hope you continue to work on it! :)

Cool, so is this a prototype build?

Thanks! Glad you like the channel! I think I'll probably get a short vid of this one up too!

Any plans to release the Breaking Bad or Pulp Fiction games?

Hi! I'd say you need to use the spacebar or something on the right side of the keyboard for the action/shoot button. With WASD being used for movement you need the shoot button to be pressable by a different finger. Aim and camera change might be better on the right side of the keyboard too.

Also, it seems impossible to shoot the crawling zombie at the moment (even if you aim down).

It's a great concept though! Awesome work! :)