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Ah cool, thanks for the heads up. Will head for the bottom then.  :)

Loved this movie and this is a great take on it. Is it possible to climb along the roof to make it through the hatches up there?

Very cool game! Love the iconic Movie & TV cars! 

Have written a preview article on it and recorded a short video: https://www.alphabetagamer.com/draiva-alpha-download/

Keep up the great work! :)

Ah, okay. I was using the spacebar. didn't realize you use the mouse too. Will check it out. 

Sorry man, it still feels screwy. I think it's the way you have to charge up your jumps that's doing it. Tried turning on casual jumping but then it wouldn't let me jump high at all. Hope this helps! :)

No worries, haven't had a chance to check it out yet anyway. Will give the new build a go later today. Thanks! :)

Awesome! Thanks for the quick fix! Will check it out! :)

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I really love the set up and the pixel artwork but some of the controls really kill the enjoyment for me.  Any plans to release a version with more traditional platforming controls - where you don't lose balance on the edge of ledges and don't need momentum to walljump?

Ah , cool, I figured I'd missed some stuff as there were a couple of locked doors I hadn't gone through. It's a great game! Have spread the word via Free Game Planet.  Looking forward to Towers of Pantheon!  

Playthrough vid:

Awesome game! It's got a very tense atmosphere and an intriguing narrative. Are there multiple endings? Seemed like I got the bad one! (used the jewels and went through the door)  

Replied to Kizu in TCD+- comments

No worries, will look forward to checking out your future games! :)

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Great Idea and love the artwork. Any plans for a version that'll work on a normal keyboard?

Hi! This game is fantastic! Love the atmosphere and the creepy retro audio and the awesome pixel art animation. I'm stuck though - can't figure out how to get bast the 'Kill Her' bit. Have found a gun, but can't find her. Any tips?

This looks fun! What times are people likely to be on the servers?

Hi! Awesome, thanks for the heads up - I think I was putting the code in upside down! Very cool game! :)

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Very cool game! How do you get past the server level though?  I get that you re-arrange them, but can't figure out what order they go in!

Great! Will look forward to seeing more of the game, it's shaping up nicely! :)

Love the art style and atmosphere! Are you cntinuing development on the game?

No problem! Absolutely love the game. Great work! Have done a short write up here: https://www.freegameplanet.com/reel-download-game/ :)

Replied to Jay in Update: 1.0.6

Awesome! Thank you very much for the info! Yeah, looks like I was clicking on the wrong hotspot and getting stuck. Managed to play through the rest of the game and loved it. Thanks! :)

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Love the atmosphere and visual style in this game! I'm stuck though! I've got past the bit with the five hanging lights but have no idea what to do next. There was a small hotspot right at the top of the screen, but I clicked it and nothing happened. Any tips? Thanks! :)

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This game is fantastic! If anyone's stuck, here's a full playthough:

The visuals are fantastic! Any plans to expand upon it?

Great! Gave it a go, love the people/zombies roaming the lands, just dying to get some claws so I can rip em to shreds! ;) Great work!

Sounds awesome! Will def keep an eye on this, can't wait to see how it progresses. :)

Sounds perfect! Can't wait to see more of the game. Keep up the great work!

Love the visual style and like prowling around as a werewolf. Would really love some humans to slaughter though! (or even some sheep!)

Thank you so much for making this. It's a beautiful, heartwarming ray of sunlight in a very dark week.

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Very cerebral take on horror. Great work!

Haha, it's like a ragdoll cycling Road Rash! Great fun. Look forward to seeing future builds!

Absolutely love this game! Such a juyful and playful platforming adventure. Did a little playthough (didn't get all the beans though!)

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Haha, awesome response to Nintendo's lawyers guys! This version's better anyway! Found some giant Moombas and some cute little mini ones too!

Great game! Did a short walkthrough for anyone that's stuck:

Awesome, will check the new build out! :)

No problem! FYI the vid was edited to cut out most of the bad commands attempted. Don't want to post any specific spoilers but was stuck on the final room for over half an hour! Other than that I loved it though. It's an awesome concept and VERY creepy. :)

Awesome game with a great atmosphere! Found it quite tricky to figure out what commands to use at certain points, but other than that it was fantastic! Made a walkthrough for anyone that's stuck: