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Ah, okay. I really like the setting and the atmosphere. It's great to have easter eggs linking to previous games, but I would really recommend making the game work as a standalone experience too, as it's very confusing at the moment. Keep up the great work! :)

I really like the game but don't really get the ending. It seems like it just stops when you enter the building?

Really glad you're continuing development. It's a great game! I'd probably go for option 1 but I'd also like to see something that's about being "King of the Kill" with online leader boards.

The person with the fastest time to the summit could leave their name and a message there. People would then climb up and kill that King of the Hill and if anyone gets a faster time then they get to be King of the Hill.

To prevent one person from being King of the Hill forever you could alter the layout each week/month and the person who was King of the Hill for the retired course could be added to a Hall of Fame. (There's a racing game called Vecter that has a good implementation of this).

Keep up the great work! :)

Thank you very much. It's a great game, and it was a pleasure to cover it. It's an honor to be one of your favorite gaming channels! :)

That's the video up now. Had a lot of fun with the game and love the pixel art. Great work! :)

Ah, right, I'd never of thought of going back there!

Thank you very much! Glad you like the channel. Will get a video of this up on it if I can beat it! :)

Great game! Where are you supposed to go when the timer starts though? I tried the area in the bottom screenshot on this page but the obstruction was still there.

Hi! I really like the game (once you get used to the controls). I have a few issues though:

I can't seem to pick up the key above the bathroom mirror. Is this a bug or is there something I'm missing?

Found the safe, but how do I look under the bed? Every time I look at it then the game just asks if I want to go to sleep. 

After having the bath and watching the video. The person that calls just keeps telling me to drink tea every day. Is that a bug or do I have to drink all the tea?

Is there any way to drop/place something down (like the remote control) without it disappearing forever?

How does stress affect the character?

Thanks for the info. Keep up the great work! :)

Oh yeah, good point. Can't wait for the swimsuit DLC! 

Great updates! You should really of nerfed the rocket launcher though. It's pretty overpowered. ;)

Just when I think this game can't get any better, along comes a bear! Looks awesome! Keep up the great work! :)

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Aha! Got it! Thanks for the tip! Love the game. Great work! :)

Great game! I've succeeded in finding 4 endings so far. I can't figure out how to get the good ending though. Any hints?

Congratulations! Best of luck with the launch! Feel free to reach out if you'd like it covered on the ABG YouTube channel. :)

Congratulations. That's great news! With all these games being pushed back recently it's nice to see a game come out 1999 years early! :)

I really liked it! Love the movement/inertia and the atmosphere. The alien monster is cool too. Was just gutted there wasn't an end! :)

Is there an ending? I made it to the control room but can't seem to interact with anything. Also, I couldn't find the solar sails to adjust them.

Awesome, thanks for the heads up! :)

Congratulations! Is the new demo different from the last one?

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Cool, I think I'll wait for the next build as I can't get anywhere near $777 in this one! :)

Is it possible to win enough cash to pay off your debt? Placing each individual chip on a table to bet seems to take up so much time that I don't have enough time to do much in the casino. 

Awesome, thanks! Will check it out. :)

Found a new bug. I bet all of my money on the dice stacking game and then when I won I was no longer able to place money on the tables (or in the betting machines). Wherever I tried to the money would just disappear. 

Awesome! I love this game, glad you finished it. Great work! Looking forward to finally blowing up that ship!

Any plans to update MEDISALVAGE too? Love the concept and the visuals, but it's insanely hard so I just end up killing everyone!

Ah, I think I was playing the old version. Will try the new one. Thanks! :)

Very cool retro aesthetic! Unfortunately it seems to crash every time I try to pick up the letter that the bird-thing drops near the entrance to the hotel (around 4 mins in).

Ah! Very clever! Thanks for the heads up, will try again! :)

I like it, but I'm incredibly confused by the large open room early on. It looks like you're supposed to rotate the sections to connect them up (like a pipe connection puzzle), but I can't figure out where the pipes are supposed to connect to at the start/end

Awesome, thanks for the heads-up, was just worried I'd missed out on another ending by having too many showers and flushing the toilet! It's a great game, have played most of your Fragments games and they're all very interesting. Excellent work! Especially considering the time constraints!

I really like this game. A great piece of storytelling. Is there more than one ending? I lasted until the 22nd, but I see one of your images suggests that you can survive for a couple of months.

Is there any way to just change the text at the end to read 2020 rather than 2019?

Awesome! It's a delightful little game. The perfect way to start a New Year! 

I really like the sound of this. Is it easy enough to remove the plugin after? Don't want the fisherman to outstay his welcome

I love this game! Best New Year game ever! Any plans to update the message at the end to 2020?

Sorry to hear about your depression and hope you are doing well. Zordak is shaping up to be an excellent game and it's clear that a lot of work and passion has gone into it. The pixel art animation is fantastic and it feels like a perfect homage to the Metroid games. Really glad that you're continuing to work on it.

There's no shame in taking time out if a project it getting you down though. Video game design is an artform and if you're not feeling it, then it's hard to force yourself to do it. Sometimes it's good to take a break, play some games just for fun or even do a small game jam game as a palate cleanser. 

Best wishes and keep up the great work (but don't feel obliged to work!) :)