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Ah yeah, seems like I was clicking on the pieces instead of the spaces. Did run into a coup-le of weird bugs - one  of my knights just froze in the center of the board and the other knight was somehow commandeered by the devil when he castled with it. The Devil then carried on using my knight as if it was a rook! 

It's a cool game though. Would recommend adding subtitles to what the Devil says at the end because I couldn't make out any of it!

Cool idea. It seems to be bugged though. It won't allow you to take any of the devil's pieces?

Thanks for the heads up. Was going to hold off on doing an article on it until the White Label released, but if it's going to be a while then I'll just cover the Arcade Mix (which is pretty damn cool anyway). Would love to feature the White Label on the YouTube channel when it's ready too. Keep up the great work! :)

Really love this game. Any idea when the UNBEATABLE [white label] demo will release?

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Edit: Ah, I wasn't leaving the office! Great game! Very freaky! :)

Cool game! Could do with some checkpoints though! What's the deal with following the arrows? I can't see any arrows anywhere and I just get chased and killed by the woman!

Ah cool, I was thinking about covering it on Alpha Beta Gamer, but was unsure whether to wait for a new build or not.  If there's not a build coming anytime soon then I'll just cover this one.  :)

I really love this. Are there any plans for a new demo build anytime soon?

Fun game! Love the ending! I'd recommend adding the ability to skip text though as it can be infuriatingly slow at times.

Haha, happy April Fools to you too. The visual novel does still look kinda fun though! :)

Ah cool. Really loved the last build, looking forward to seeing more. Keep up the great work! :)

Awesome! Is the Steam demo the same as the old Itch/Gamejolt one or is it new?

No worries. Looking forward to trying future builds. Really loved the first one so I'm excited to see where it goes. 

With regards to the notes. As well as spreading them out, I'd also recommend condensing them significantly. If you could get it down to one page per note then the game will flow a lot better. Keep up the great work! :)

Glad you're continuing to develop this! Really loved the last demo. I think you may have gone a little overboard with the notes in this one though - stopping to read a 3 page note every 20 seconds really breaks up the momentum of the gameplay and you seem to spend more time reading than playing the game. Really love the atmosphere and the story though and the monster's pretty freaky! Keep up the great work! :)

Congratulations! It's an excellent game. Great work! :)

Gave his a go and really like it, but I'm stuck. I've put the doll's head in the fountain, saw the symbol in the fountain and talked to Ruth. I have no idea what to do now though. Any clues?

Just got this message from the Dinohazard dev: 

"When you completely erase the video, Youtube automatically removes the flag."

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that 100% bullshit? A Copyright strike doesn't just magically go away when you delete a video!!

Yeah they're totally separate games. I don't think the Dinohazard devs had even ever heard of Dino Hazard. The name is clearly just a homage to Dino Crisis and Biohazard.

Yeah I got contacted too. I've been talking to SidAlpha about this issue. He has this advice:

"In terms of the Trademark dispute, he would have a case with the other Dev because it DOES create market confusion. But in terms of your video(s) he has no legal right to strike your videos as even IF Fair Use wasn't a valid defense, it's not even his copyright. If he filed a DMCA of your video, it would absolutely be against the law and you would have a VERY easy time suing him.

You cannot claim copyright infringement of a thing that you do not own the Copyright for. Trademark disputes between developers should never be used as an excuse to flagrantly violate the law in order to punish Content Creators out of a desire to blind the public as to the other game's existence."

So it's illegal for a developer to file a DMCA takedown for a video of another developer's original game. No matter what the game's name is.

For full transparency, I have removed my video as I'd rather not get in a fight about it, but if the Dino Hazard dev doesn't rescind the Copyright strike I will pursue legal action. 

Glad you liked it! It's a very interesting world you've created. Looking forward to seeing more of it! Great work! :)

Thanks for the heads up, did a gameplay video and a short article on the new game.

Was thinking about covering Darkest Corners too, but if the second chapter's almost done then I'll wait until then. :)

Is the new chapter still in development?  Would love to check it out! 

Ah cool, no worries, thanks for the heads up! It's a fantastic game! Love all the little details in each environment and the soundtrack is superb! :)

This is really cool! It keeps crashing after the random battle after entering the castle though. The last thing you see is the text "Fighting your way through winding stone hallways, a wall of fetid air blasts you as you reach the heart of the castle...". Then the screen goes black and nothing happens. 

Awesome! Thank you very much. Downloading now. Will give it another go! :)

This is fun! Any chance of adding a DOOM style WASD + Mouse mode though? Really struggling with the controls!

Awesome! Thank you very much. Looking forward to checking it out. :)

Hi! No worries. If you do end up changing out the licensed music then feel free to reach out and I'll get a video up. You can contact me here, on Twitter @gameralphabeta or via email admin(at)alphabetagamer(dot)com

Keep up the great work! :)

Hi! I haven't played all the way through yet.  The game crashed about 40 minutes in.  I died in the area with the woman who has a big hoop through her nose and it got stuck on the loading screen. 

1. Sure, I'll definitely make a video.

2. Will play the whole game (as long as there's not any offensive material in the part that I haven't played yet)

3. It's hard to say how many views it will get. I'd say the average is about 30k, but it can be anything from 10k to a million.  You can see the channel here:

I understand that swapping out the music is a big task, so I understand if you can't do it. It's a cool game. Great work! :)

Ah cool. It's one hell of a wild ride! I'd love to do a gameplay video, but there's too much copyrighted music at the moment (YouTube would hit me with lots of copyright claims). 

I genuinely really love this. It there any way you could upload a version without all the copyrighted music?

Ah yeah! Doh! Found it. Thanks for the heads up. It's an excellent little game. Very creepy!

Great game! Found all the notes and looked into the three cases. Really struggling to find the pastebin password though. Any clues?

Ah yeah that's it. It's quite hard to spot. Thanks for the heads up! :)

Seems like a cool game! Is the solution messed up for the puzzle with the four windows though? I get you have to recreate the symbols shown on the plaques next to the relevant noises coming from the windows but it doesn't seem to work?

Awesome, found it, thanks for the tip! Great game, it got pretty freaky! :)

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Hi! Great game! Can't seem to find a key for the Boss' office though (to follow the spider). Any clues?

Congratulations on the release! It's come a long way since the game jam build! :)