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I got excited because my 32-bit Steam downloaded the game, but it won't run it because it's still a 64-bit executable (I think!). That's a bit unusual, Steam usually prevents me from downloading a 64-bit executable onto a 32-bit machine (e.g., I can install Skyrim but not Divinity: Original Sin 2).

Is this possible?

It's not really a big deal, it's not stopping me playing the game, but it is stopping me from sleepily playing the game in bed before I go to sleep:)

It'd also run on my younger son's 32-bit Windows tablet then:)

Congratulations anyway on what looks like an awesome game (I've only seen tiny bits so far of my older kids playing, going to play myself when they're all back at school:).

I looked at this at Rezzed, but didn't really get a chance to play; I ran it today on my Lenovo Yoga 2 10.1 Windows tablet/ synth and it's super cute:D

Hi Maeve,

Thanks for your reply, and sorry for my confusing post: there is no camera bug in your lovely game. My 3-year-old can usually have fun playing, but lacks the skill to control the camera Y-axis, and especially ends up getting himself stuck with it pointing up at the marshmellow's bottom! I can reset the camera for him with the stick, but he can't figure out that this is what he needs to do.

My wife somewhat has the same problem, as she's not really played 3D games and 3rd-person camera controls just aren't intuitive to her (better than 1st person, however). It doesn't really need fixing, it was just feedback, maybe for whatever you make next.

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For young children, it would be good to restrict the camera-stick Y-axis: my kids end up stuck in a top-down view, or staring up the poor marshmellow's butt:) I think a fixed roughly over-the-shoulder view is probably fine, maybe a bit able to look up to see those high shelves.

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I saw this on RockPaperShotgun, it is just lovely, a very nice happy-feeling game:)

Is there a way to invert the Y-Axis?

I'd love to put this on my son's tablet for him. If you think it will run (Linx Vision 8: Intel Atom x5-Z8300, 2 GB RAM Intel Integrated Graphics, it used to run Slime Rancher OK), any chance of a 32-bit build?

I also found it hard to find the cream:) Although perhaps that's intentional:)

I saw you said "Apple doesn't let us build for their platform unless we own a Mac". I own an old Mac:) I'm a professional developer (Chaos Reborn (Unity), Black Powder \\ Red Earth (SDL) - so, no Unreal experience), happy to help for free if you want and if I can:)

Finally, just wow at producing this in 3 days!

I think this a 64-bit build? If so, is there a 32-bit build anywhere?

Sorry for being awkward, my kids are pretty keen to give this a go, but they have 32-bit windows on their gaming tablets (I think it will probably run ok, they can just about run Slime Rancher, and Rocket League runs ok in a fairly pixelly mode).

Ah, you said you were looking for a mac tester: I've got a 2009 MacBook that can run Chaos Reborn and my own Unity 3D projects, I'd be happy to try it out for you with my PS4 controller.

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Thanks for the reply.

I got it working now, thanks.

It looks like it does have to be "Joystick0" for the start button to work.

I had an ancient PS 2 thrustmaster gamepad charging from my PC. I disabled this, and my wireless 360 controller started working (XCOM 2 has the same problem).

However, if I have 2 wireless 360 controllers on, the "start" button on the 2nd one is ignored from the start menu. So, it's not really a problem for me any more, but anyone who has more than one controller connected may have issues, I think (e.g., util recently I had a wired steering wheel as Joystick0 + wireless 360 controller).

I enjoyed the demo once I got past the first bit, for me the level with all the bends (I think, this is the one after the first "proper" level, straight with the keep left/keep right signs) was where it started getting exciting:)

Ah, one more question: Is the game OK for my young kids to play (no swearing etc)? The little bit I've played of it looks perfect, but best to ask:)


Does the game require me to use "Joystick0"? Or, are only certain controllers supported?

I hit "Start" on my wireless XBOX 360 controller, nothing happens; nor does anything happen on my Thrustmaster Ferrari 458.

I can hit space or escape on the keyboard and get the menu to appear, but it still seems to ignore my controllers.

Good luck with the game, I'm excited just by the soundtrack I'm hearing on the start screen:)